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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

2 days ago

2 weeks ago

Rainbow Six Siege’s big Tachanka rework is now live

Yesterday, Rainbow Six Siege operator Tachanka threw his turret out the window, picked up an LMG and started running around blowing holes in walls and doors, all while yelling with a completely different voice. The Russian defender hasn't gone mad mind you, he's just had a major rework and come out the other side a new man - literally, because as well as new weapons…

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3 weeks ago

Rainbow Six: Siege’s next operator Aruni deploys shocking laser gates

Rainbow Six: Siege is gearing up for its next season Neon Dawn and calling up a new operator for defense. Ubisoft have shown off Aruni and her tricky shock gates that will throw a wrench in attacker's plans while letting fellow defenders pass through. You can catch an overview of her abilities and a bit about the rework for the Skyscraper map in a new…

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1 month ago

Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween event turns you into horrific puppets and I hate it

Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween event kicks off today, trapping you in a nightmare where everyone has turned into a respawning puppet. I do not like it one bit. The event is called Sugar Fright, and it plonks players straight into Frost's fever dream where everything is made of sweets and all your friends look like horrible Muppet Show rejects.

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3 months ago

A new season just snuck up on Rainbow Six: Siege

Huh! Out of nowhere, a massive, unannounced update just skulked its way into Rainbow Six: Siege. Fittingly, it's the one wot's adding Splinter Cell sneaky-boy Sam Fisher to the Clanceyverse team shooter. Operation Shadow Legacy is now live seemingly ahead of its own announcement, adding a new operator, map and scope reworks, and a whole host of smaller fixes. Just give us a heads up…

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4 months ago

Rainbow Six Siege’s new gadget will let more operators blast through reinforced walls

It's exciting enough when Rainbow Six Siege gets a new operator, let alone one that's a well-loved sneaky boy from Splinter Cell. Ubisoft revealed last week that Sam Fisher would be making an appearance in the tactical team-based shoot 'em up, and last night they showed the gadgets and abilities he'll be bringing with him to the game's next update, Operation Shadow Legacy. He's not…

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Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher is sneaking into Rainbow Six Siege

Three green eyes lurk in the shadows of Rainbow Six Siege, which means it's time for Tom Clancy stealth buff Sam Fisher to join the wargames. It might be five years since he last headlined his own game, but the Splinter Cell star will join Team Rainbow in Operation: Shadow Legacy. Expect more intel on the ageing sneaker's career change alongside the update's full reveal…

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Rainbow Six Siege has a cyberpunk-y limited time event starting today

Rainbow Six Siege is getting in on some 80s sci-fi action with its new limited time event, M.U.T.E. Protocol, kicking off today. Ubisoft's tactical FPS has cyberpunked-up one of its Secure Area game mode maps, dropping players in as all manner of funky neon robots to attack or defend a Comm Tower. It's not just cosmetic, though, as players will be able to use special…

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6 months ago

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Steel Wave is go go go

Two new Operators arrived in Rainbow Six Siege today, the wall-busting attacker Ace and enemy-slowing defender Melusi. The latest update, Operation Steel Wave is go go go and brings a rework of the House map too. One of the new Operators uses water gadget to punch holes in walls, and the other has machines that'll shout at your enemies. Come meet them.

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You can play Rainbow Six Siege for free this weekend

Ubisoft are fond of those Rainbow Six Siege free weekends, aren't they? Another one has rolled around this month, letting players give the team-based tactical shooter a go for free from tomorrow until June 15th, and enticing you in with tantalising discounts should you find yourself wanting to own it. As usual, it's the full game you'll be getting access to for free, so you…

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7 months ago

That Rainbow Six Siege mobile knock-off has vanished after Ubisoft sued Apple, Google, and the developers

Area F2 may as well be called Area 51 now that Ubisoft have sued Apple, Google, and the developers of the mobile game that looked suspiciously similar to Mr. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Area F2's developer Ejoy have now posted a statement confirming the game's closure and it's been delisted from both the Google Play Store and App Store.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s next two operators are inbound with Year 5 Season 2

Rainbow Six Siege's year 5 plans are marching along. Season 2 for the year is officially titled Operation Steel Wave and as promised it's bringing two new operators and a rework for the House map. Ubisoft gave a look at Ace the medic and Melusi the tracker and their new gadgets during a reveal livestream today. Both are joining the roster with Steel Wave on…

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Ubisoft are suing Apple and Google over alleged Rainbow Six Siege knock-off

Outside of the occasional free weekend, you can't play Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege for free - never mind trying to get it running on your phone. Unfortunately for Ubisoft, it seems that particular space has been filled by an unnervingly similar tactical FPS. This week, the French publishers filed a lawsuit against Google and Apple, demanding Area F2 - an alleged clone of Rainbow…

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Try not to get squished by falling safes in Rainbow Six Siege’s new event mode

A new event started in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege yesterday, introducing The Stolen Goods, a limited time game mode where players have to attack or defend a 1920s British mobster hideout full of safes. There are a few twists to this new mode, but the important one to know right now is that the floors are completely breakable, allowing players to shoot out the…

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Grand Larceny event invites you to an old-timey British heist

For the next two weeks, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is swapping out hostages and bombs for safeboxes full of… well it doesn't actually say what they're full of. I imagine it's money, or gold, or something that old-timey English gangsters like, because it's all part of the Grand Larceny event, inspired by 1920s British mobs. Ubisoft have reimagined the old Hereford map to create…

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8 months ago

Behold this horrific new pizza skin for Mozzie in Rainbow Six Siege

There's something very unnerving about anthropomorphic food. Which is why I'm concerned that Pizza Mozzie will now haunt my dreams forever. Rainbow Six Siege has a brand new Operator set available through Twitch Prime you see - I had to look at it, so now you do too."The Cheesie One has arrived!" Ubisoft tweeted. As if the skin itself wasn't terrifying enough, they're acting like…

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9 months ago

Play Rainbow Six Siege’s new Golden Gun arcade mode this weekend only

If you've played more standard rounds of Rainbow Six Siege since self-isolating than your blood pressure can bear, there's a new playlist on the block to change things up. Ubisoft have introduced Siege's first Arcade mode and it's got the feel of goofing about with cheats for 007 on the Nintendo 64 an eon ago. Golden Gun's one shot kill mode will be available this…

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Here’s how game developers are handling the Covid-19 outbreak

Over the last week or so, game developers and publishers around the world have been announcing their action plans amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. Bungie have offered advice to other companies, Ubisoft said Rainbow Six Siege might miss a few patches, and many others have sent their employees home, dev kits in hand, to make sure production plods along, all the while doing their part to…

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Rainbow Six Siege starts Operation Void Edge today

Two new doorkickers arrive in Rainbow Six Siege today with the start of Year 5 and Operation Void Edge. Iana can deploy a remote-controlled holographic duplicate of herself, while Oryx eschews fancy technology to just run around real fast to bowling over opponents and bashing through walls with his burly body. The update also brings a reworked version of the map Oregon, balance changes, and…

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You can play Rainbow Six Siege free this weekend

This weekend you can breach walls without also blowing a hole in your wallet. Ubisoft's multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege is having a free-to-play weekend where you'll be able to take a spin on all its maps and modes. Pre-loading has already started, so you can queue up a download right now if you're looking to hop in on the free weekend starting Thursday.

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