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A Year Of Rain

1 year ago

Ambitious RTS A Year Of Rain rallies the troops for a November launch

Ignoring that not one of A Year Of Rain's screenshots contains a drop of precipitation, Daedalic Entertainment's upcoming co-op RTS is shaping up quite nicely. They don't make 'em like this anymore, I'll tell you that. Warcraft 4 might not be happening anytime soon, but A Year Of Rain looks awfully like a long-lost fourth game from a world where Blizzard's MMO explosion never happened.…

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2 years ago

Feature: War makes monsters of us all

A Year Of Rain is an accessible if ambitious upcoming co-op RTS

I was nervous, sitting down to play A Year Of Rain. I don’t have a lot of experience with real-time strategy games, and even though technical director Nick Prühs had explained some of the accessibility features, it still looked intimidating. Plus, as a co-op and a competitive game, it has twice the number of people available to embarrass myself in front of. As I dug…

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