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Abandon Ship

2 months ago

Abandon Ship foolishly sails to the Spider Islands

I don't care how great a pirate you are, there are some ideas that are just bad, and sailing to the Spider Islands is one of them. Unfortunately, they're the next port of call for nautical FTL-alike Abandon Ship, along with two more new, horrible-sounding locales; Cannibal's Lurk and Peril's Cauldron. Fireblade Software's early access game of fantastical ship-management and poor life decisions is still…

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6 months ago

Abandon Ship adds some downright inhospitable oceans

All things piratical are in vogue, as are FTL-likes, making Abandon Ship a game easy to get excited for. Developers Fireblade Software released a big update today for the early access game of oceanic adventuring against the odds, adding three new extra-murdery regions to explore. There's volcanic death-gas to navigate, ferocious blizzards ready to knock crew from the deck and (of course) an entire ghost-stricken…

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10 months ago

Abandon Ship dons a big pirate patch, adding sea forts, shady outposts and ‘wanted’ levels

FTL-but-pirates roguelike Abandon Ship just sailed over the edge of its own world. A big update has added sea forts and floating outposts to the game of high seas and low life, along with a bunch of other stuff. There are new weapons, a bigger crew size, trade routes to raid, and the added danger of being marked as “wanted”, leading to bounty hunters being…

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1 year ago

Abandon Ship’s first update abandons absolute brutality

This year's FTL-but-with-pirates effort Abandon Ship had 'Alec' written all over it, but unhappily I found that me timbers were not especially shivered by it in practice. A combination of great repetition and vicious circles of doom meant I drifted away all too soon. Fireblade Software's boats'n'cosmic horror game did pretty well for itself nonetheless, and now they've just loaded up its early access hold…

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Abandon Ship splashing into early access this month

Hoist the brig! Swab the powder! Fire the stew! Yes, it’s soon time to see how good you are at captaining ships in the high, low or medium seas. Adandon Ship, the FTL-inspired roguelite of managing oldy-worldy sailors on a map of the ocean (actually a giant painting) is smashing a big bottle of early access champagne across its bow. That is to say, it’ll…

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2 years ago

Abandon Ship lowers the anchor until 2018

Avast, et cetera! Abandon Ship is the FTL-like game of nautical combat and crew management where you sail across a big oil painting of the high seas. We’ve previously peered through the news telescope at its exploration, lifeboats and flailing tentacles (Kraken ahoy!) It’s been a bit delayed, say developers Fireblade Software, and now sails into early access in “early 2018”. As compensation, we’ve been…

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Abandon Ship: FTL vs Sunless Sea on a deadly-beautiful ocean

We've been gently drifting through a sea of "FTL but in a..." games for a while now, and I see no reason whatsoever for that to stop any time soon. Roguelite + survival + management + fragile vehicular home + TERRIBLE THINGS KEEP HAPPENING is an excellent formula for what feels like a very personal videogame story every time you play. Abandon Ship [official site],…

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3 years ago

Abandon Ship Looks Like FTL On The High Seas

When we reviewed Tempest, a game of piracy in a fantasy setting, I came away saddened that it was all grinding turns and cannon aiming, with crew management that wasn’t very personable or fun. “Why has nobody successfully transferred the shipboard panic of FTL or the crew management of XCOM to a wooden frigate on the high seas?” I lamented. “Maybe in the future, some…

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