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AdVenture Capitalist

4 years ago

Feature: Who wants to be a gazillionaire

AdVenture Capitalist: I Like Big Numbers & I Cannot Lie

$39.559 billion. $231.374 duoquadragintillion. $406.453 novemdecillion. $4.39 quattuorquadragintillion. All of these are numbers I encounter on a daily basis, thanks to my habit of leaving AdVenture Capitalist [official site] running in the background, but a few days ago they suddenly prompted me to actually think about the numbers and their names rather than letting them drift past, sextillions expanding into septillions, into octillions, nonillions and…

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Feature: Greed is gold

The RPS Summer Games: AdVenture Capitalist

The second RPS Summer Games event is... AdVenture Capitalist [official site]. If Clock Simulator was a sprint, this is the marathon event. Each contestant has 30 minutes to make as much money as possible by clicking on lemons, doughnuts, hockey teams and whatever else this casual clicker can offer.

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5 years ago

Feature: Filthy Lucre

My Addiction To AdVenture Capitalist: An Update

Yes, I'm still playing free incremental game AdVenture Capitalist, my obsession with which I've written about twice before. Yes, I'm going to break the habit of my career and willingly use the word 'addiction' to describe my increasingly unhealthy relationship with it. No, I don't know how to put it down and walk away forever.

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Feature: Free, 100% evil management game

How I Lost My Soul In AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is a free game, in theory. AdVenture Capitalist is an idle game - i.e. one which plays itself - in theory. AdVenture Capitalist is a satire of everything that is wrong with Skinner Box games and free-to-play games. In theory. In practice, I have dishonored myself.

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