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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

8 months ago

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall – Revelations emerges from its ancient crypt today

Congratulations, Age Of Wonders: Planetfall - you're a real sci-fi world now. From Forerunners to Protheans and everything in between, no spacefaring adventure is complete without an enigmatic, questionably-malevolent ancient precursor people that vanished without a trace. Released today, Planetfall's Revelations expansion heralds the return of the nasty old Heritors and lets you begin your imperial ambitions by clawing out of the grave.

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9 months ago

Age Of Wonders reviving ancient technocorpses in Revelations expansion

The first expansion for sci-fi strategy game Age Of Wonders: Planetfall will begin to resurrect an ancient dynasty of technocorpses keen to reclaim their territory and secrets, Paradox announced today at PDXCON. Revelations is its name, and launching in November is its game. The Es'Teq dynasty will stir with the help of their Heritor descendents in new campaign missions, and folks will get play with…

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11 months ago

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall plummets out

Hark, for the dawn of another wondrous age approaches. Or at least a competent one. Nate and Astrid have both taken a good hard look at Age Of Wonders: Planetfall and have declared: (in different, longer words)'yeah, that's pretty good that is'. It's a 4X game that pans down into small-scale tactical combat, wedding gross imperialist strategy to itty bitty unit bossing through the medium…

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2 years ago

Age of Wonders: Planetfall takes the wonder to the stars

From the creators of Age of Wonders and Overlord, today we got the announcement of the new tactical-turn based combat strategy title Age of Wonders: Planetfall. The 4X empire building adventure will take the familiar gameplay elements and immersive tactical combat of previous titles, but into the stars this time! Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until 2019 to do so. Look, can living in the…

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