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Airplane Mode

3 months ago

Airplane Mode is Flight Simulator for passengers

When Airplane Mode was announced, it seemed a fun joke: sit in a virtual aeroplane seat for the full duration of a simulated flight, trying to entertain yourself by watching films, eating plane food, reading the in-flight magazine, staring out the window, and all that. Upon its launch today, it's something else too, a weird virtual memory of a journey that's now wholly out of…

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5 months ago

Airplane Mode will put you in the passenger seat of someone else’s Flight Sim

Right now, a lotta folks are getting their travel fix from Microsoft Flight Simulator. But for most of us, travel isn't about getting behind the controls of an elegant, gravity-defying machine - rather, we're squeezing what little comfort we can from a metal tube packed with noisy strangers and posture-wrecking chairs. Enter Airplane Mode, developer Hosni Auji's upcoming attempt to trap you in economy class…

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