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Alone With You

4 years ago

Sci-fi romance adventure Alone With You out now

We told you that Alone With You [official site], the "sci-fi romance adventure" from Home creator Benjamin Rivers, was coming to PC on February 9. We told you. Do you think we wouldn't remember? Do you think we just tell you about these release dates ahead of time because it pleases us? No. We're doing this for your benefit. But go ahead, ignore what we've…

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Alone With You coming to PC on 9 February

I confess I'd missed the chat about Alone With You [official site] - Benjamin Rivers' follow up to horror game, Home [official site] - when it headed to PlayStation in 2016, but having now peered at trailers and squinted at reviews (trying to parse them for mood rather than spoilers or explicit explainations) I'm pleased about the upcoming 9 Feb release.

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7 years ago

Welcome: Home Dev’s Spooky Romance Alone With You

Oh, now this looks intriguing. A while back, Benjamin Rivers released Home, a side-scrolling horror experiment about building a character's personality through moment-to-moment gameplay. Choices re-contextualized and even outright changed backstory elements, and the whole thing was just a really interesting way to tell a story. So then, what's next for Rivers? Why, an equally experimental, er, dating sim, of course - but with fewer…

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