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Ancient Enemy

8 months ago

Feature: Bath time

The RPS Verdict: Ancient Enemy

Matt and Nate have been playing Ancient Enemy, a singleplayer card battler that looks a lot like a murderous version of Majhong, with a dash of Slay The Spire. It’s made by Shadowhand developers Grey Alien Games, and also RPS founder Jim Rossignol, but let’s not talk about him.Nate: “Uno, but the Banner Saga”. That’s my take. It’s a game about knocking cards off a…

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Bleak British card-battler Ancient Enemy is out today

In a way, I don't blame the fallen wizard antagonising the world of deckbuilding RPG Ancient Enemy. I'm sure I'd be fairly high-strung too if I'd slept in for a few hundred years. Well, the alarm bell's finally rung. It's time for the sleepy sod to get up and start facing an army of card-wielding warriors - Ancient Enemy takes the fight to Steam today.

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2 years ago

Ancient Enemy is a British folklore card battler from the Shadowhand devs

I don't think I've made many enemies. I might have accidentally cut in front of someone in a queue for some loos last month, but I imagine they're less cross than the "dread nemesis waiting patiently in the dark fastness of a monstrous citadel" for the protagonist of Ancient Enemy. He's a fallen mage "awakening from centuries of slumber", so I'm glad we've decided to…

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