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Anna review

Care to see sawmill?


3 years ago

It-alien Isolation: Anna’s Sequel White Heaven

Released 4 years ago, the palindromic Anna was an interesting idea marred by poor execution: an Amnesia-like set in a single environment that begs to be explored in-depth, it was held back - Adam thought - by a lack of interesting stuff to see and do in those spaces. Still, devs Dreampainters have shown a laudable commitment to listen to feedback: first, they patched at…

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7 years ago

Responsive: Anna Update Addresses Feedback

Just as experiences of bad customer service travel faster than a speeding Usain bullet, games that are released in a problematic state are spoken of far and wide. It's all too easy to ignore the positive response to such issues so here's an acknowledgement that Dreampainters, whose debut release is the horror adventure Anna, are listening to feedback. Although a patch isn't going to fix…

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House Of Horrors: Anna Released

Anna caught my eye the first time I saw her. A sun-dappled beauty with a spooky and melancholy soul who would allow me to interact in ways far more interesting than the usual pointing and clicking. With an intricately detailed central location and a plot that apparently changes based on the player's actions, Anna could bring smarts and sensitivity along with fear and trembling. It's…

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