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3 months ago

Anthem devs propose new skill trees, artifacts and a Destiny-style UI

Oh dang, they're really giving this Anthem comeback a proper shot aren't they? 3 months after we last checked in with BioWare's beleaguered loot 'em up, the studio has returned with a fresh look at the game's revamped UI, along with a new approach towards character skills and robot-suit loadouts aimed at fixing the base game's seemingly-limited build options.

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6 months ago

BioWare outline goals for better loot in Anthem

As promised, BioWare are starting to publish updates as they rethink their not-so-well-received online sci-fi shooter Anthem. Today's update specifically talks about their goals for the loot system, which they want to be more reliable and respect a player's time. It doesn't sound like anything is set in stone yet, so this will definitely be a lengthy journey for Anthem as they previously estimated.

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8 months ago

BioWare are prototyping Anthem NEXT but say it’ll be “a longer process”

Things have been quiet in Anthem land ever since BioWare confirmed that they were reinventing the ill-received sci-fi game. BioWare want to break their silence on Anthem NEXT and start sharing more, but don't want you to hold your breath. "Spoiler – this is going to be a longer process," says studio director Christian Dailey.

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11 months ago

BioWare confirm they are “reinventing” Anthem

There's no question that Anthem's had a tough run so far. Tough enough that you might imagine BioWare would let it rot at the base of the family tree while turning back to its other established series. A rumor last year suggested that BioWare would stick it out and attempt to put a shine on the new futuristic FPS universe. General manager Casey Hudson confirmed…

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1 year ago

BioWare are far from done with Anthem, according to a new report

You'd be forgiven for thinking that BioWare are leaving Anthem to slowly rot, considering Fort Tarsis is filled with bones, and there has been little in the way of new content outside of the recent Halloween event, Season of Skulls. But a new rumour now suggests that BioWare are planning a revival. Much more than the upcoming Christmas event, Icetide, and more akin to "a…

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EA games are returning to Steam, starting with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Electronic Arts are returning to Steam after a long hiatus. The first game to come over to the dark side is, appropriately enough, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on November 15. It'll be followed by the EA big guns of FIFA 20, Battlefield V, and more next year. And they're bringing their subscription service, EA Origin Access, which is a real surprise.

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2 years ago

Anthem updates with a new Stronghold and mid-mission gear changes

Troubled looter-shooter Anthem has rolled out its first major post-release update today. Despite adding a new post-story Stronghold mission to complete, the centrepiece of this update is undoubtedly a quality-of-life fix: Players no longer have to return to base to change equipment. Improvements like this seem to be order of the day for patch 1.1.0, as BioWare plug up the worst of the wounds after…

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Feature: BuyerBeware

BioWare’s awful response to Kotaku’s exposé pours petrol on a raging PR fire

Yesterday Kotaku's Jason Schreier dropped one of his explosive articles upon the gaming industry, this time revealing the sad, grim tale of how BioWare's Anthem came to be. It was, as has come to be expected from Kotaku's investigative exposés, a meticulously researched and cited piece that step-by-step broke down the maudlin development of Anthem, from the perspective of nineteen current and former BioWare employees,…

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BioWare respond to reports of Anthem development hell

After playing nearly twenty hours, it's hard to shake the sense that Anthem's development was messier than BioWare might have liked. Today's report by Kotaku's Jason Schreier, talking to former developers, confirms many suspicions, and doesn't paint a pretty picture of the studio or publisher. There's talk of mismanagement, confusing orders from higher up the corporate ladder and that perennial EA bugbear; gruelling crunch.In response,…

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Anthem buffs some loot drop rates, plans to improve more

BioWare have now officially and intentionally improved loot drop rates in certain Anthem activities, following weeks of griping from players that the looter-shooter is too stingy with the goodies. BioWare had previously unintentionally buffed loot rates twice, at which points players seemed a lot happier grinding for gear, then both times BioWare stepped in to say "Oh whoops that was a bug, sorry, we've fixed…

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Anthem did nerf loot drops, but only after accidentally boosting them

If you were zapping around Anthem over the weekend and felt a patch had made loot drops stingier, well, it did - but only because a bug had briefly made BioWare's looter-shooter more generous than intended. Oops. While BioWare are still patching away to fix problems since Friday's official launch (and its unofficial "early access" launch a week earlier), they're also opening up about longer-term…

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Have Anthem’s loading times been improved by the Day One patch?

Anthem's Day One (minus two) patch has finally arrived, with one of the big 'High Level' fixes being its atrocious loading times, specifically when it comes to what Bioware refer to as 'older disk drives'. But how much have they actually improved by? Well, I've gone and re-tested the same HDD, SSD and NVMe SSD I tried on Tuesday to see what's what.

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Anthem fixes a whole lot of wonk in its Day 1 Patch

While Anthem technically doesn't launch until tomorrow, and has been out since last Friday for Origin Access subscribers, the "Day 1 Patch" hit BioWare's sci-fi looter-shooter overnight. It aims to address many of the technical troubles which have been evident in the test weekends and early access, which include long loading times, crashes, freezes, bugs impeding quest progress, and some--but not all--of the other problems…

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We put Anthem’s loading times to the test: HDD vs SSD vs NVMe

Anthem doesn't technically come out until February 22, but those who pre-ordered the game have been jumping around Bioware's futuristic Iron Man fantasy since Friday - or at least some of them have, as a lot of people haven't been able to get past the game's interminably long loading screens. Indeed, sometimes the game takes so long to load that you're too far behind the…

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Anthem servers holding strong for Origin Access players

Anthem is out now, kinda-sorta - assuming you've got an Origin Access subscription. While the game fully debuts on February 22nd, subscribers can play now. Those with the cheap Basic subscription get a ten-hour trial, while Premier subscribers have been set loose on the full game. I'm also happy to say that some issues in the first hour or two aside, the servers appear to…

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Blomkamp’s Anthem story is just an outrageously long trailer

The first thing I did after watching Conviction, the Anthem 'story' directed by District 9 and Chappie fella Neill Blomkamp, was to check it wasn't just a trailer for Conviction, the Anthem 'story' directed by District 9 and Chappie fella Neill Blomkamp.It's not. What I would swear blind is but a four-minute trailer for something I might watch on Netflix once I've run out of…

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Anthem to debut alongside a Neill Blomkamp short film this week

Anthem launches next week, or this Friday for Origin Access subscribers. For those stuck waiting until the regular release next week, at least there'll be Anthem: Conviction to watch on February 14th, a free live-action short produced by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studio. Set decades before Bioware's power-armoured shoot n' looter begins, it should be a great special effects showcase, at least.…

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BioWare respond to Anthem VIP demo problems

Following teething problems with last weekend's invitation-only Anthem trial period, from endless loading to laggy controls, BioWare have explain some of what went wrong and some of what they're doing. They say the full game has already fixed some of the issues players flagged, that this demo is based on an earlier version of their cooperative sci-fi shoot-o-looter, which is good to hear. And it…

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BioWare’s Anthem demo has started preloading

Pre-loading has begun for the Anthem demo weekend, so you can download in advance if you fancy trying BioWare's new cooperative sci-fi shoot-o-RPG. Given that it's a 43.54 gigabyte download, you probably shouldn't wait until the demo weekend starts next week to get that going. Because I'm a total goofus who'll try any game which lets me fly around in a power armour I can…

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BioWare release a mission’s-worth of footage from Anthem

All-flying all-shooting mech RPG Anthem isn’t far off now, and BioWare (via IGN) have shown off an early mission called Lost Arcanist in full. As the name suggests, it’s about finding someone who’s gone missing, and you can watch the crew ping from waypoint to waypoint, shoot some enemies, and see a lot of incredibly beautiful flora and fauna.You can see the full fifteen minutes…

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