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5 months ago


Anthem Early Warnings mission: Prevent a cataclysm event

After that rather disastrous outcome, Anthem's second mission begins immediately and introduces us to Owen - your character's designated Cypher. He's adorable, but his mind is definitely set on being a Freelancer. We'll guide you through this second mission, giving you advanced warning of the stuff to come - including a cataclysm event you must stop.

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Anthem Silence the Heart of Rage mission: Reuniting with your team

Anthem throws you into the deep end by having you take on the threat to the Heart of Rage - what is the catalyst for the Critical Objective missions in Anthem. This mission does serve as the game's tutorial, but we'll also provide intel on what you need to do to finish this mission relatively unscathed.

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Anthem loadouts: Item slots and rarities, unlocking Javelins and perks

Loadouts in Anthem will be the basis of character progression. Yes there are pilot levels that put a number to it, but it's definitely more of a game where your items indicate just how good you are. This means crafting, and optimising your loadouts, so that they have the best perks for your Javelins. This guide goes over Javelins, the slots that they have, and…

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6 months ago

Feature: Sing the Anthem of my people.

Anthem release date, gameplay, trailers, PC system requirements, open demo, editions and pre-order bonuses

With Anthem's open demo now concluded, the next time we'll be able to jump into a Javelin will be when the game is released. Since that last update, we've had another video impression from our video team. We've also been busy creating the foundation for our guides coverage, so this roundup piece will have those, as well as various trailers and details on the game,…

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