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Apex Legends

3 weeks ago

Feature: Zip Zap, let's place a Trap

Apex Legends Wattson details – new character leak, release date, Wattson abilities & analysis

Who is Wattson? The release of Apex Legends brough us eight varied and colourful characters to learn and master, and the release of Season 1 brought a ninth in the form of Octane, the High-Speed Daredevil. But that's not the only new character that's coming, with numerous rumours and leaks coalescing into a blurry-but-ever-sharpening image of Wattson - the tenth Legend of King's Canyon. Our…

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1 month ago

Feature: New Fortified Passive, Sniper buffs, Wingman nerf, and more!

Apex Legends update (Patch 1.1.1) – Apex Legends v1.1.1 patch notes analysed

Version 1.1.1 of Apex Legends, the second update since the release of Season 1, arrived on 16th April, bringing with it a number of major weapon and ability balance changes - particularly to Gibraltar and Caustic as well as the sniper rifles class as a whole. Our Apex Legends patch notes and update guide will walk you through everything new that has arrived with this…

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Feature: I got Havocs to the left of me, Longbows to the right...

Apex Legends guns/weapons (1.1.1): best guns, weapon stats, Apex Legends weapons tier list

Respawn have done an admirable job balancing all of the Apex Legends weapons to present an increasing curve of rarity and power. With 20 guns currently on offer, each with their own stats, quirks, and spray patterns, there's a lot to learn - even more now that the 1.1.1 update has changed so much. But fear not, for our Apex Legends guns/weapons guide will walk…

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Feature: The Bullet Sponge is now even Spongier

Apex Legends Gibraltar guide (1.1.1): abilities, hitbox, Gibraltar tips and tricks

Gibraltar once was the subject of ridicule among the Apex Legends characters roster, thanks to his enormous hitbox, and despite his excellent and versatile array of abilities. But with the release of v1.1.1, Gibraltar has received a substantial buff, and we're now likely to see a lot more of him in King's Canyon. Our Apex Legends Gibraltar guide will walk you through each of Gibraltar's…

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Feature: I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my buff

Apex Legends Caustic guide (1.1.1) – abilities, hitbox, Caustic tips and tricks

Caustic, despite his premium status as one of just three characters in Apex Legends who must be unlocked through Legend Tokens or Apex Coins, was always one of the most underperforming Legends in the game thanks to his bulky hitbox. But now with the release of the 1.1.1 update, Caustic is much tankier and deadlier than he ever used to be, and there's no better…

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Feature: Is the Selectfire Receiver viable on the Havoc now?

Apex Legends Havoc stats (1.1.1): DPS, TTK, spray pattern, Havoc tips and tricks

Since the Havoc was released back in February (the first gun to be added to Apex Legends since the game's release), feelings have been very mixed about this unique Energy-based gun. A high recoil and reliance on the right attachments made this gun hard to pick over the more reliable R-301 Carbine or a trusty Spitfire. But now the developers have addressed this with a…

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Feature: M600 Spitfire time-to-kill and other stats

Apex Legends Spitfire stats (1.1.1): DPS, TTK, spray pattern, M600 Spitfire tips

One of just two Light Machine Guns (LMGs) currently in Apex Legends, the M600 Spitfire is a powerhouse of a gun, dealing high damage at a high fire rate with a high ammo capacity, even after its 1.1.1 nerfs. What's not to love? Our Apex Legends Spitfire guide will walk you through the various stats of this powerful LMG, from DPS and attachments to the…

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Feature: Triple Take time-to-kill and other stats

Apex Legends Triple Take stats (1.1.1): DPS, TTK, spray pattern, Triple Take Sniper tips

The Triple Take plays rather a strange role within the Apex Legends weapons arsenal. A cross between a shotgun and a sniper, this long-range rifle uses Energy Ammo to produce a triangular burst of three shots with every pull of the trigge. There's a lot to know about the Triple Take, so we've put together the below Apex Legends Triple Take guide, which will walk…

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Feature: Longbow DMR time-to-kill and other stats

Apex Legends Longbow stats (1.1.1): DPS, TTK, spray pattern, Longbow DMR tips

With the recent 1.1.1 buff to sniper rifles across the board, the Longbow DMR makes an even stronger case than it once did for being the best long-range weapon in Apex Legends, perhaps even including the Supply Drop-exclusive Kraber. With excellent damage and accuracy over long ranges and a newly increased rate of fire, there's a lot to like about this particular sniper rifle. Our…

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Feature: G7 Scout time-to-kill and other stats

Apex Legends Scout stats (1.1.1): DPS, TTK, spray pattern, Scout Sniper tips

A firm favourite in the hands of many an Apex Legends player, the G7 Scout is a sniper rifle for players who don't want to use a sniper rifle. Solid damage combined with a fast rate of fire enables you to use this weapon to great effect at pretty much any range you like - I've out-shotgunned enemies with this rifle, so believe me when…

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Feature: Wingman time-to-kill and other stats

Apex Legends Wingman stats (1.1.1): DPS, TTK, spray pattern, Wingman Pistol tips

The Wingman has always been one of the top-tier weapons in Apex Legends, despite receiving a buff alongside the Peacekeeper back in March. It's accurate, easy to use, and packs a real punch. Now, the 1.1.1 update has nerfed the Wingman's mag size across the board, making it that much more important to hit your shots. Our Apex Legends Wingman guide will solidify your understanding…

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Feature: Patch 1.1.1: The Big Boy Buff

Apex Legends characters (1.1.1): abilities, hitboxes, top tips for all characters

Since the release of Season 1, we've seen hitbox changes, a new character in the form of the High-Speed Daredevil Octane, and now with the 1.1.1 Patch Notes some serious tweaks to the two bulkiest characters in the game's roster, Gibraltar and Caustic. So we thought it high time to revisit our Apex Legends characters guide and repopulate it with all our best tips, strategies,…

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Feature: Think you'll know all of these? Skip to Expert

100 Apex Legends tips (1.1.1): Apex Legends guide, practical top tips for all skill levels

Apex Legends, in case you somehow haven't heard, is the recent slide-n-shoot battle royale hit from Titanfall devs Respawn - and it's a pretty damn good game. And now that Season 1 has released, it looks set to be even damn good-er than before. Certainly enough for me to spend hundreds of hours in-game collating the below top Apex legends tips and tricks on how…

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Feature: Sorting your Peacekeepers from your Carbines

Apex Legends loadout guide (1.1.1): best weapon combos, popular loadouts

Key to success in Apex Legends firefights is picking the right combination of guns. You can only hold two at any given time, so you'll need to make sure your choices not only suit your playstyle and situation but also synergise well with one another. Our Apex Legends loadout guide will walk you through how to make good choices while picking your weapons over the…

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Feature: Robot Tarzan

Apex Legends Pathfinder guide (1.1.1): Pathfinder tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

That Pathfinder has a reputation for being one of the most mobile Apex Legends characters may flummox you - but prefer to be unflummoxed, because it's all completely true. Pathfinder's abilities, particularly his Grappling Hook, are extremely mobility- and momentum-focused, and greatly reward players who look for unexpected angles and wide flanks during fights. As possibly the character with the highest skill ceiling in the…

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Feature: Allfather, bless me with sight

Apex Legends Bloodhound guide (1.1.1): Bloodhound tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Bloodhound, the Odin-worshipping raven-touting tracker of Apex Legends characters, is a real asset to any team if played correctly. Their abilities offer a completely different style of play to the other Legends, revolving around positional awareness and hunting down enemies. Our Apex Legends Bloodhound guide will walk you through this colourful (or colourless...) array of abilities, alongside numerous practical and little-known tips and tricks to…

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Feature: Strongest Avenger

Apex Legends Wraith guide (1.1.1) – abilities, hitbox, Wraith tips and tricks

Since the release of Apex Legends, Wraith has been considered by many the strongest all-round character in the game, and it's not hard to see why. A high skill ceiling with abilities that can be used to great effect both offensively and defensively, and a hitbox so small it can often seem like she dances between your shots with ease. Our Apex Legends Wraith guide…

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Feature: Lifeline + Ultimate Accelerants = Victory

Apex Legends Lifeline guide (1.1.1): abilities, hitbox, Lifeline tips and tricks

Among the Apex Legends characters roster, Lifeline is commonly (and rightly) thought of as the healer or support class; but despite this, she has absolutely no trouble dishing out as much damage to her foes as anyone. There are some excellent reasons to play as Lifeline beyond offering a helping hand to your teammates, and our Apex Legends Lifeline guide is the perfect place to…

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Feature: Octane is here, and he is QUICK

Apex Legends Octane guide (1.1.1): abilities, hitbox, Octane tips and tricks

Season 1 is here, and leading the charge, quite literally, is Octane - the new character for Apex Legends, and the most mobile Legend we've yet seen. The trailer below describes Octane as being able to run rings around enemies, and, having played as much as possible of him since Season 1's release, they're certainly on the money. This might just be my new favourite…

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Feature: Fancy a smoke?

Apex Legends Bangalore guide (1.1.1): abilities, hitbox, Bangalore tips and tricks

Bangalore has always been right up there with Wraith and Lifeline at the top of most players' Apex legends character tier lists. She's highly mobile, easy to learn, difficult to deal with, and comes equipped with a variety of versatile tools to help her team gain the upper hand in a majority of confrontations. Our Apex Legends Bangalore guide is here to show the ropes…

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