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1 week ago

Head down to gloomy Kings Canyon for Apex Legends’ very first story quest

Season 5 has brought lots of lovely new things to Apex Legends: the new playable character Loba, huge changes to the Kings Canyon map, and even a rework for everyone's favourite holographic trickster. The newness doesn't stop there though, because last night the game's very first story quest went live. These weekly quests are called "Hunts", and they're part of The Broken Ghost, a series…

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2 weeks ago

Apex Legends dev suggests Lifeline may be in line for a rework

As Apex Legends' resident doctor, Lifeline isn't the worst character in the game. Far from it, she's probably one of the better picks of the bunch. But while she's not in a bad place, Respawn do feel she's in a complicated one, and have suggested a "sidegrade" may be due to bring her in line with the rest of the battle royale's colourful murderchums.

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Apex Legends Season 5 starts today, adding master thief Loba to the roster

I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but everyone's favourite dropzone is about to drown. When Season 5 of Apex Legends arrives later today, Skull Town will have been consumed by the sea, leaving a sizable hole in Kings Canyon. It's been destroyed by upcoming Legend, Loba, who managed to take it out during her quest to murder Revenant. That's not one of…

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3 weeks ago

Apex Legends is adding a horde mode-looking PvE mission next week

Season 5 of Respawn Entertainment's hero-based battle royale kicks off next week and it looks like they're doing more than just blowing up the map. This new Apex Legends trailer shows off what appears to be a horde mode PvE quest initiated by the newest Legend of the bunch: Loba. It looks like you'll be hunting down artifacts while taking on waves of enemies when…

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Apex Legends Season 5 trailer shows hundreds of killer robots hiding beneath World’s Edge

What is it with Apex Legends and hiding secret laboratories underneath the arenas of popular televised bloodsports? First we had the labs under Kings Canyon with that huge void portal to get in and out of it, and now we find out there's a huge facility chock-full of Revenant clones, too. It's discovered by upcoming Legend Loba in the Season 5 launch trailer, and we…

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4 weeks ago

New Apex Legends character Loba will arrive this month with Season 5

Master thief Loba Andrade is the next character to be making her way to Apex Legends. After losing her family to a killer robot, she was drawn to a life of thievery - but now she's discovered the whereabouts of this murderer, so it's off to the Apex Games to confront him.Loba is coming to Apex on May 12th, which just so happens to be…

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Looks like Apex Legends is about to reveal its next character

Exciting things are happening in Apex Legends - well, it's exciting if you're into the game's lore at least. This week, Respawn have dropped a couple of tasty teasers on Twitter, as they do when something fun is about to be announced. It all looks to be leading up the new video in the Stories From The Outlands series that's dropping later today, which will…

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1 month ago

Apex Legends will add Evo armor-only matches during upcoming Battle Armor event

Apex Legends is getting a bit of a shakeup for the end of season four. Starting next Tuesday, April 28th, Respawn Entertainment are adding a two week Battle Armor event taking place on the King's Canyon map. You'll drop in with the same tier armor as everyone else and you won't find new armor as loot, so you're stuck making the most of what you've…

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Apex Legends is dropping the nighttime Kings Canyon map from rotation because it’s a bit rubbish

Last week, Respawn finally put map rotation into Apex Legends, allowing players to get their fix of both the World's Edge and Kings Canyon maps. It's a feature fans have wanted for ages, except there was one strange inclusion in the rotation - the Kings Canyon at night mode. It's almost exactly the same as the other Kings Canyon map, except, as the name implies,…

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2 months ago

Looks like Apex Legends won’t be getting a solos mode any time soon

Apex Legends' Old Ways event has begun, bringing with it Bloodhound's Town Takeover on the World's Edge map, as well as the addition of a permanent map rotation and duos. This will be good news to a lot of Apex fans who like dropping into a match with a trusty partner, but unfortunately it's bad news to those who were hoping for a solos mode.…

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The Old Ways takes Apex Legends out hunting, brings back King’s Canyon for good

Apex Legends has some neat characters, sure. But a masked, non-binary big game hunter who's crawled outta Old Norse mythology by way of Chernobyl backed by a pack of crows? I think Bloodhound might take the top spot. This month, Respawn are finally giving Blothhundr their due with The Old Ways, a two-week lore event that finally gives the hunter some worthy prey - and…

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3 months ago

Apex Legends data miners have found some big scary doggos in the game’s files

The last patch Apex Legends received was a big 'un, introducing lots of new Apex content hidden away amongst our game files. Not all of it is in use yet, of course, it's just tantalisingly hanging out back there, waiting for a new update to activate it... Or, waiting for a sneaky data miner to take a peek. And peek they have, for those files…

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Apex Legends’ new event is live, and it brings a fix to the horrendous muzzle flash problem

System Override, Apex Legends' new two-week-long Collection Event started last night, bringing a flurry of new skins and weapon charms, and treating us to a new game mode with some fancy-sounding shields. Respawn have also decided to give Octane a knife - it's a part of his shiny new Heirloom set, and there's some changes to the way these Heirlooms work, too.New pretty event things…

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Apex Legends’ next event trials predictable loot and evolving shields

Packed enough shield batteries, champ? Apex Legends is going all robotic with its next Collection Event, System Override. As usual, that means two weeks of themed get-ups for the arena's characters, weapons and intangible banners. But respawn are also taking this chance to experiment with the ApeLegs format by introducing a power-hungry new shield and removing the randomness from their battle royale.

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Apex Legends is heading back to old school Kings Canyon this weekend

From today until Monday, Apex Legends is taking us back to Kings Canyon. Not just any version of Kings Canyon either, we're going all the way back to the Season 1 map, before those strange dino creatures started stomping across it. It's weird to think about playing on that year-old map again - will muscle memory kick in helping us navigate the original layout? Will…

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Apex Legends is fixing Bangalore’s accidental invisibility bug

There's nothing quite as unsettling as being shot at in Apex Legends by a character that's just a gun and a floating head. As someone who plays Mirage, seeing a character essentially steal my abilities is bang out of order. Bangalore-out of order, actually, because she's the character that whose body was kind of... disappearing when wearing certain skins. This attempt to usurp Mirage players…

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4 months ago

Duos return to Apex Legends for a limited Valentine’s event

Call up your best shot because duos are coming back to Apex Legends. Respawn announced today that the limited time mode is making another appearance for Valentine's day this year. You can play with your romantic partner of course but in my experience that's a hit or miss proposition—literally and figuratively. The week-long event lands tomorrow with a couple pink-themed goodies to earn.

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Apex Season 4 is live, new Legend has an infuriating off button

The wheel of time has turned around World's Edge, bringing a new Season's worth of changes to Apex Legends. The frozen city has been cleft in twain. The Turbocharger attachment has been done away with. There's a new sniper rifle, and a new Legend called Revenent, skulking around with a button that turns other abilities off. I am not a fan of that button. The…

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Apex Legends Season 4 begins tomorrow with Revenant and lots of lava

Apex Legends Season 4 begins tomorrow, bringing all the usual suspects: a new weapon, new battle pass, and a new ranked series. Oh yeah, and also that new Legend that we spent the past week banging on about. Robot man Revenant is headed to the Apex Games and the World's Edge map is getting a bit of a makeover as well.

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Revenant slashes into Apex Legends’ Season 4 launch trailer

Ah, Jimmy, we hardly knew ye. Today's launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation confirms it. Forge was a bust - a well-executed bait-and-switch that almost had us thinking months of speculation had been for naught. Rest in peace, beefcake. After slaughtering suits and televised stabbing, killer-for-hire and one-time Halloween-announcer Revenant is taking his collection of knives to murder island when the next season…

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