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Arma 3 Zeus

7 years ago

Zero To Hero: Free Arma 3 Zeus DLC Is Out

On Tuesday I began my second pen-and-paper roleplaying experience, joining three friends for our first trip into Numenera. I'm amazed at how much time and energy the DMs I play with - my other game is D&D - are pouring into the worlds and stories they're creating. I have that impetus, but not the follow-through. Arma 3's new Zeus DLC is tempting, though. It allows…

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King Of The Mods: Arma 3 Zeus DLC Let’s You Play As A DM

"Assume the role of the game master," starts the website about Arma 3's coming Zeus DLC. For a brief moment I pictured my face floating above the Arma 3's Greek islands, digitally smeared like the late Sir Patrick Moore's. Alas, this is even better. A new mode for Arma 3's multiplayer where one player can act as a kind of dungeon master, using a real-time…

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