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Ashes Cricket 2013

4 years ago

Feature: Dust to dust

Have You Played… Ashes Cricket 2013?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.There are certain games I will never delete from my hard drive, and among them is Ashes Cricket 2013. I have absolutely no interest in cricketball, and even less in playing cricketball games. Apart from this one. This, a game so astonishingly bad, that…

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7 years ago

Wow: Ashes Cricket 2013 Cancelled AFTER Release

This might be a first. 505 Games have announced the cancellation of Ashes Cricket 2013 after it's been released.The game, a terrible mess that certainly doesn't function as a cricket simulation, was briefly on sale via Steam, before mysteriously vanishing. We contacted Steam and publishers 505 Games to find out why at the time, but no one seemed to know. And now we do. They're…

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Ashes Cricket 2013 Pulled From Steam, Hilariously Awful

The sorry saga of 505 Games' Ashes Cricket 2013 continues apace. Beginning with one of the dumbest trailers in gaming history, it was supposed to appear in June this year. You know, in time for the Ashes. It didn't make it, except they got lucky. For reasons my brain cannot work up the energy to care about, rather than the usual two year gap between…

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8 years ago

Ashes Cricket 2013 Trailer Changes Everything

Are games art? Solved. The formalist/zinester war of games definition? Solved. Where is the Citizen Kane of games? Solved. What happens when the uncanny valley is no longer uncanny? Solved. When will the singularity occur? Solved.Whoever would have thought that a teaser trailer for a game about England and Australia's biennial cricket grudge match could so deftly resolve the many dilemmas which have for so…

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