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Assemble With Care

7 days ago

Assemble With Care fixes up a spot on PC today

What's your self-isolation hobby? Knitting? Woodburning? How about taking up antique restoration with Ustwo Games' repair 'em up Assemble With Care? Six months after breaking onto Apple Arcade, the Monument Valley developers' pastel-tinted restoration puzzler arrived on Steam today. After all, who knows more about the satisfying agony of repeatedly re-assembling complex electronics than PC owners?

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3 weeks ago

Monument Valley devs fix up a PC debut for Assemble With Care

After being robbed of two of the best little puzzlers on mobile, Monument Valley developers Ustwo Games are finally making their PC debut with Assemble With Care. Arriving on Steam later this month, Ustwo's pastel-painted repair 'em up has you dissecting people's junk - and their personal problems - before putting it all back together again. In this economy, who can afford to be an…

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