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Barkley 2

1 year ago

Barkley 2 releases a shockingly real and playable demo to backers

Despite recent reports of the game's catastrophic demise, a "janky" demo of post-cyberpocalyptic goof-em-up Barkley 2 has been released to Kickstarter backers after six and a half years of waiting. Whether anything else comes of the project now that most of Tales Of Game's has absconded is up to the fates to decide, but the reality is that people are playing Barkley 2 right now. Below,…

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Barkley 2 is approximately 85% dead after developer schism

The good news is that extremely silly and successfully Kickstarted action-RPG Barkley 2 is still in development, despite rumours of its absolute demise. The bad news is that according to developers Tales Of Game's latest Kickstarter update, development has been slowed to a crawl by most of the staff leaving. Offering a ballpark estimate, remaining developer and voice of the team's Twitter account "Bhroom" estimates…

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