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Premature Evaluation: Beacon

Would you rather have a robot head or crab claws for hands?


1 year ago

Beacon extends early access genetic experiments to Steam

Entering early access on Steam today after some Itch exclusivity, Monothetic's roguelike shooter Beacon has a delightfully grim concept - Freja Akiyama has been smashed into soup by a hard landing on an very hostile planet. Fortunately her ship's escape pod comes equipped with a cloning bay and gene-splicing lab. Each time she dies, you get to jam a few rogue strains of collected alien…

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2 years ago

DNA-mutating roguelikelike shooter Beacon looks swish

The daddifcation of video games continues with aplomb, but what a terrible waste parenthood is, collecting genetic material to make a mewling idiot who can't even drive. It's time for this to end. It's time to be your own dad. Or your own mum in the case of Beacon, a roguelikelike top-down shooter where a crashlanded spacewarrior collects DNA from defeated enemies to feed into…

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DNA-stealing shooter Beacon in early access next week

“There’s nothing like harvesting the deoxyribonucleic acid from the corpses of your enemies and using it to modify your own genome to become an all-crushing gunwarrior capable of defeating entire planets” my grandmother used to say. She would have liked the look of Beacon, a top-down shooter with shapes and colours arranged in such a way as to communicate a hostile world full of angry…

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4 years ago

Beacon Is A Top-Down Shooter from HL2 Modders

You know when the premise of a game doesn't really make sense but you don't care because the game looks fun enough? In Beacon [official site] you'll find yourself stranded on an unfamiliar and hostile planet, with a weapon and a working clone bay. That's the setup for a top-down shooter with roguelike elements (read: permadeath, mostly) in which you'll be fighting, dying and cloning…

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