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Beast Agenda 2030

1 year ago

Beast Agenda 2030 skates out of early access today

Like a malignant sea-god rising from the deep, Beast Agenda 2030 has surfaced its terrible, final form. It's not unspeakable horror or unending torment being brought to the surface by Ouch Giver Games, though, but a procedural playground of skating, hacking, stealth and playful gadgetry. After two years in early access, Beast Agenda 2030 is out today, with a big 1.0 update tidying up the…

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2 years ago

Feature: Separating the chaff grenades from the wheat... grenades

The most promising upcoming stealth games

It’s a bit tricky to knock together a list of the best upcoming stealth games, because it’s a bit tricky to say what a stealth game even is anymore. Stealth is more frequently looking like a playstyle or bulletpoint rather than the crux of an entire game. Even the best stealth games in recent memory - yer Invisible Incs, Ian Hitmans, Alien: Isolations - have all…

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