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Before We Leave

5 months ago

Before We Leave is a city-builder with planet-devouring space whales

City-builders aren't usually my jam, but Before We Leave has planet-devouring space whales. It's a "mostly non-violent" game about helping colonies hop between cute little planets, building wooden spaceships and salvaging ancient tech. It came out last week, and everything about it looks soothing. Apart from the whales. Obvs.

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1 year ago

Before We Leave is a city builder with planets plagued by space whales

City builders are neat, but they don't have nearly enough space whales. Fortunately, Before We Leave does. It's a freshly announced "nonviolent city building game" where you can eventually set up an interplanetary network of wooden villages, so long as you can deal with the celestial cetaceans that come along and try to eat your planets.I got a sneak peek at GDC back in March,…

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