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Blazing Chrome

3 months ago

Blazing Chrome attacks aggressively into stores

Who needs Konami when you've got studios like JoyMasher ready to pick up the slack? Blazing Chrome is undeniably a tribute to the classic Contra series of run-and-gun platform shooters - among my favourites. Big guns and bigger bosses, one hit deaths and the occasional level made out of meat and filled with Giger-knockoff monsters. It's not all Contra though - there's a little bit…

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4 months ago

Blazing Chrome gets more Contra than Contra (with ninjas) on July 11th

Contra is back next month on July 11th - not in name, but undeniably in spirit. Blazing Chrome by Joymasher is exactly my kind of run-and-gun platformer. Loud, fast, and packed with mean-looking robots and weird biomechanical monsters with far too many eyes and teeth. Today, along with announcing the release date, they put out a new trailer showing off even more of the game…

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10 months ago

Blazing Chrome is the Contra successor we need right now

Somehow, I've been writing here for over a year and haven't said a word about run n' gun shooter Blazing Chrome - something I'm rectifying now, thanks to developers JoyMasher releasing some new footage of their upcoming game. It is utterly, unapologetically a tribute to Konami's classic Contra series - specifically to my favourite; Contra Hard Corps on the Mega Drive/Genesis. That means constant swarms…

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