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Bleeding Edge

1 year ago

Feature: Nanny warfare

The granny in Bleeding Edge is already my main

Bleeding Edge is the multiplayer hero slicer that was announced this week by Ninja Theory. It's a 4v4 learn-abilities-em-up. Which feels like an odd direction for the gang who've made their name by creating atmospheric singleplayer games like the anti-viking propaganda action adventure of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. But it made more sense when I got to play it at E3 this week, because it also…

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Feature: A liveblog, but different

The Cheerer and the Jeerer – Microsoft’s press show at E3 2019 as it happened

Brendan: Our deep thirst for videogame trailers remains unslaked. Yesterday we chatted live as EA delivered force powers and football in their E3 livestream. Today, it's Microsoft's turn to run the hype gauntlet, with the absurd gait only a multinational conglomerate can perform. But that means we must again divide the labour. So Matt, as the conference gets ready to start below, who would you…

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