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Bomb Chicken

6 months ago

Bomb Chicken eggsplodes onto PC today

Another Switch-exclusive game makes the hop to PC today, and it's one that I've been meaning to play for a while. Bomb Chicken is a puzzle platformer from Nitrome about a hen incapable of leaping, but the deeply hazardous ability to lay Bomberman-esque fizzling explosives, elevating herself in the process. The Switch version of the game was well received, unsurprising as Nitrome used to be…

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3 years ago

Nitrome’s Bomb Chicken is an eggsplosive platformer

I'm delighted watching the eggsplosive antics of Bomb Chicken [Greenlight page], a platformer starring a fat hen who lays bombs. The honking great hen can't jump but she can plop out bombeggs at an alarming pace, rising into the sky atop a stack of eggs. She can also kick 'em and, obvs, murder enemies with them. Put all that together and you have a puzzle-platformer…

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