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Book of Travels

3 months ago

I hope Book Of Travels turns “tiny MMOs” into the next big thing

I've played my fair share of MMOs over the years. Despite the excitement that used to come with an online world stuffed full of unknown people, I've started to feel some put too much "massive" in the MO. The next game by the folks known for the Shelter series—the ones about animal moms protecting their babies from hawks and rivers and such—is what they're calling…

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6 months ago

Shelter developers will beta test their new “tiny MORPG” this summer

The folks who've brought you all those cute animal parent games: Shelter, Shelter 2, Paws, Meadow and the lot, revealed last year that they have something new in the works (aside from the planned Shelter 3). Might and Delight's "tiny MORPG" is called Book Of Travels and is planned as a "unique social roleplaying experience" somewhat in the vein of the studio's multiplayer experiments in…

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