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2 years ago

Feature: You know when I'm down to just my socks, what time it is

Breach was nearly made at EA, but then business happened (twice)

Action RPG meets MMO Breach is currently finding its feet in early access. It’s the sort of thing that will definitely be someone’s favourite game, if only they a) realise it exists and b) can figure out what it is. Currently the main barrier to this seems to be that it’s wrestling with ongoing performance issues; Matt really enjoyed playing its asymmetrical PvP as the…

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Feature: Breach up for the stars

Playing as Breach’s Veil Demon will be fab – when the game works

Tricks! I am big into tricks. Blue Magic decks, teleportation, messing with people ‘till they can’t tell their ups from their downs. That’s me. Breach is an asymmetric multiplayer dungeon-runner that entered early access early this week. It pits four adventurers against a Veil Demon, who lays traps and hops about possessing the sort of demonic hordes you'd find in Diablo. That demon has some…

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