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1 month ago

Feature: It was too much for my friend Tim

The Bugsnax trailer is all questions and no answers

I don't keep in touch with loads of the people I was at school with, but one of them I do is a man we'll call Tim (because that's his name). Tim is very nice and I value his friendship, but he is also a useful yardstick for how long ago school was, and how I should be feeling about life. At school he held…

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Bugsnax is a game from the Octodad devs about edible snack-food creatures

In my eyes, Bugsnax is possibly the strangest game to come out of PlayStation's big announce-a-thon live stream last night. Made by Octodad creators, Young Horses, it's a story-driven adventure game about an island (appropriately named Snaktooth) where all the creatures are half-bug, half-snack, and if you eat them your limbs will start to turn into various foods. It looks as weird as it sounds…

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