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2 weeks ago

Feature: Feeling a bit queasy

Preview: Bugsnax isn’t a horror game, but it’s still unsettling

I don’t watch much horror myself, so forgive me. But you know those trailers? The ones where there’s a cabin in the woods and a group of smiling high schoolers descend upon it? They flip up the trunk of their car, eagerly fling their suitcases on the wooden decking, and chortle about how they are going to have a rad time. Tropicana in the morning,…

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4 months ago

Feature: It was too much for my friend Tim

The Bugsnax trailer is all questions and no answers

I don't keep in touch with loads of the people I was at school with, but one of them I do is a man we'll call Tim (because that's his name). Tim is very nice and I value his friendship, but he is also a useful yardstick for how long ago school was, and how I should be feeling about life. At school he held…

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