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Burly Men at Sea

2 weeks ago

Have You Played… Burly Men at Sea?

You've got to admire the courage of Brain&Brain's three burly men at sea. If I knew I was going to get swallowed whole by a massive whale every time I set sail for adventure, I think I'd stay at home. But that's not what being burly is about. Instead, these bearded brothers are willing to throw themselves down the gullet of adventure time and time…

3 years ago

RPS, can you help me remember a game?

It might not be a game at all - I'd call it that now, but might not have done then. It was instead an interactive scene designed to entertain children. I think there were different scenes. I think one had a landscape with a road, and fields, and trees, and characters. I think it was colourful and cartoon-y. I think there was a dog with…

State of the Art: Burly Men At Sea

Burly Men At Sea [official site] sailed onto my radar at Rezzed earlier this year. Part of the Leftfield Collection, the game offered a beautifully stylised tale about three bearded brothers going off on an adventure. The reason I was particularly excited was, more than any other game, the demo I played seemed to capture the essence of children's story books and translate that to…