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Call of Duty: Warzone


Feature: Finishing moves are fiddly - here's how to do them.

How to do finishing moves and unlock the Wakizashi in Warzone and Cold War

Warzone and Cold War have some cool new melee options, including the Wakizashi. They aren’t as easy to unlock as some might like though - you’ll have to be a Combat Knife expert. For the Wakizashi, you’ll need to learn to perform Finishing Moves using your trusty knife. So, with that in mind, here’s how to do Finishing Moves in Call of Duty Cold War…

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3 days ago

Feature: FiNN or PKM?

Best LMG in Warzone: a guide to LMGs in Call Of Duty: Warzone

The best LMGs in Warzone offer a very special collection of traits that few other weapons can match. High DPS and large magazines allow you to drop entire teams quickly, while the excellent damage dropoff values and low recoil of certain LMGs give you an extremely potent answer to long-range encounters. And now, there's a new player in the field - the eminently customisable FiNN…

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6 days ago

Feature: FFAR out, dude!

Best FFAR 1 loadout and class setup in Warzone

The FFAR 1 is a super fast-firing assault rifle which can output a great deal of damage when in the right hands. Of course, like with any fast-firing rifle, you’ll need to get good at aiming this thing at long-ranged targets, but once you do, the FFAR 1 will completely ruin the enemy’s day. Without further ado then, here’s the best FFAR 1 loadout for…

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Feature: MAC-10 or MP7?

Best SMG in Warzone: a guide to SMGs in Call Of Duty: Warzone

SMGs in Warzone have been extremely powerful from day one. Built for speed both in their handling and how quickly they can drop an enemy to the ground, SMGs have always been very nearly as popular as Assault Rifles when it comes to premade Warzone loadouts.Our Best SMG in Warzone guide will walk you through the stats of all the SMGs on offer, before divulging…

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1 week ago

Feature: Check out our weapon tier list for the best guns in Warzone

Best guns in Warzone: a Warzone weapons tier list

Knowing the very best guns in Warzone like the back of your hand is a key skill in Call of Duty’s uber-popular Battle Royale mode - and we're here to help you hone that skill. Below you'll find our tried and tested Warzone weapon tier list, along with detailed explanations and tips on the very best Warzone guns.This guide was written by Ollie Toms and…

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2 weeks ago

Feature: How do the Cold War ARs fare in Warzone?

Best AR in Warzone: a guide to Assault Rifles in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Assault Rifles are by far the most versatile and numerous weapons class in Call Of Duty: Warzone. They are reliable, effective at any range, and the backbone of the vast majority of Warzone loadouts out there. Our guide to the best AR in Warzone will walk you through the stats, attachments, and relative power of all 19 Assault Rifles in Season 7 of Warzone. Below…

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Feature: The best Sniper Rifles of the Warzone revealed

Best Sniper in Warzone: a guide to Sniper Rifles in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Sniper Rifles dominate Call Of Duty: Warzone and its sprawling, rooftop-dotted landscape. They always have, and they always will, thanks to the invaluable trait that a single headshot from a bolt-action Sniper Rifle is a guaranteed kill. So the question is: which sniper rifle do you use for that perfect headshot?Our Best Sniper in Warzone guide will walk you through the four snipers on offer…

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Feature: Here's the best loadout for the new AS VAL assault rifle in Warzone.

Best AS VAL loadout and class setup in Warzone – plus in-depth AS VAL stats

A new Assault Rifle seems to be pretty much par for the course at this point, with the AS VAL being the 13th, by my estimation. Still, the Warzone team are finding interesting things to do with the gun class, and the AS VAL is a solid addition to the pantheon. With its integral suppressor a default part of the gun’s kit, our in-depth AS…

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1 month ago

Feature: The best Groza loadout for Warzone

Best Groza loadout and class setup in Warzone

The Groza’s a small but mighty assault rifle in Warzone. It’s got a fast fire rate, is portable, and can shred targets in seconds. Despite its dinky size, it can even tango with enemies at mid to long range if you can control the vicious recoil. With this in mind, I’ve put together a Groza loadout to help you get the most out of it…

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Feature: Here's how to open the yellow door

How to find the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Call Of Duty: Warzone

On Rebirth Island in Call Of Duty: Warzone there’s a bright yellow door that leads to a mysterious bunker, but how do you get in? And what’s the reward? Below I’ve put together a guide which explains how to complete the Rebirth Island Easter Egg in Warzone.

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Feature: The best DMR 14 setup for Warzone

Best DMR 14 loadout and class setup in Warzone

The DMR 14 is a powerful tactical rifle that’s capable of rattling off shots as fast as you can pull the trigger. While its recoil can be tricky to control and its iron sights aren’t at all helpful, pop the right attachments on it and you can create a weapon that'll tear through enemy armour plates with ease. In the guide below I’ll explain what…

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Feature: How to get the Streetsweeper.

How to unlock the Streetsweeper in Warzone and Cold War

The Streetsweeper is a full-auto shotgun with a fast fire rate and huge ammo pool, but you’ll need to complete a challenge in order to unlock it for use in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. In this guide we’ll explain how to unlock this shotgun quickly.

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Feature: This Warzone gun MACs a punch.

Best MAC-10 loadout and class setup in Warzone

The MAC 10 is one hell of a piece of kit in Warzone. With its ludicrously fast fire rate, you’ll have a massive amount of potential damage output in close quarters, and being able to quickly switch to this gun mid-scrap can be the X factor you need to finish an enemy squad. So, with that in mind, here’s our best MAC 10 loadout in…

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Feature: Our AK74u loadout of choice

Best AK74u loadout and class setup in Warzone

The AK74u handles like a shrunken assault rifle, which means it’s a bit lacking in the ADS speed department, but it more than makes up for it with its sheer firepower; this thing absolutely shreds if you land your shots. Below I’ll explain what setup you’ll need to get the most out of the AK74u in Warzone.

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Feature: Here's the best XM4 loadout for Warzone

Best XM4 loadout and class setup in Warzone

The XM4 doesn’t do anything special, but it’ll get the job done, and that’s exactly what you want from a weapon in Warzone. Despite lacking any strong suits, it’s a reliable assault rifle with stability that translates nicely over to Warzone. In this guide I’ll explain how to set up the XM4 for Warzone, with explanations on each attachment used.

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Feature: The best Krig 6 setup for Warzone

Best Krig 6 loadout and class setup in Warzone

The Krig 6 is a solid, dependable assault rifle that doesn’t excel at anything, but certainly won’t let you down in a gunfight. Its recoil pattern is easy to control, hits fairly hard, and most importantly, has plenty of customisation options to make it a viable Warzone weapon. In this guide I’ll explain how to set the Krig 6 up for Warzone, with explanations for…

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Feature: How to play DMX and other War Tracks in Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone all War Tracks: Every song you can play in your vehicle

In Warzone, you can blast out some absolute tunes from your vehicle as you marauder through Verdansk or Rebirth Island. We’ll all have our personal favourites, but with a bunch of new ones coming out in the Cold War Season One Battle Pass, I’ve put together a full list of all the War Tracks available in Warzone.

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Feature: When can you play Season 1 of Cold War?

When is the Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone Season One update released?

It’s finally time. Cold War and Warzone are integrating to form one single, beautiful progression system, allowing us to bring our pro play to the big leagues. As Gary Barlow once said, today this could be the greatest day of our lives. But when does the day begin? We’ll be getting that patch downloaded as quickly as possible, so here’s the release time of the…

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Feature: How to get the big ol' Sledgehammer.

How to unlock the Sledgehammer in Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War

Season one of Call of Duty Cold War is integrating the game with Warzone Battle Royale, meaning you’ll now be able to cross-progress thanks to all the sweet guns available in both modes. That means weapons will be usable in both games too, so you’ll want to unlock the new gear as quickly as possible. One such new addition is the Sledgehammer, so here’s how…

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