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Caves of Qud

1 year ago

Caves Of Qud has added new villages and quests, but I failed to find any thanks to an irritable tortoise

I knew Caves Of Qud was an ambitious old-school roguelike that's in early access. I didn't know you could start as a teleporting multi-limbed psychic pyromaniac with hooks for feet. I've never played Qud before, but I've had my eye on it for a while. What better way to tell you about the procedurally-generated villages and quests it added in Tuesday's update, I wondered, than…

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4 years ago

Roguelike Mega Collection Torrent Has 700+ Free Games

Free games are great and roguelikes are the best of all games, so a torrent containing more than 700 of the blighters is a lovely thing to discover on a Thursday morning. The collection is the work of 'foamed', a Reddit moderator and roguelike curator, and it's more than a big pile o' fun. As well as containing some of the greatest games ever made,…

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The Roguelikest: Caves Of Qud On Early Access

There is the roguelite, where the ideas of permadeath and difficult combat are played with to create something that has those same values but appeals to the less patient player. There's the roguelike, which at this stage in gaming history is usually so far flung from its low-bit routes and ascii art to be almost unrecognisable. Then there's something like Caves of Qud [official site], which is…

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