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4 days ago

Cloudpunk’s cockpit update puts a camera behind the steering wheel

Ah, the hum of your hover-engine beneath your feet. The pitter-patter of rain on the windshield. The light glow of the GPS as your dispatch screen lights up. Until now, I could only imagine the interior of one of Cloudpunk's blocky hover-cabs. That's all changed with today's Cockpit Update, which puts you right in the drivers seat for a night's shift - briefly cutting fares…

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5 months ago

Cloudpunk’s city becomes personal with a new first-person view

Neon Lights over a crowded parking lot. The steam and sounds of a ramen stand. Billboards glistening in the pouring rain as entire tower blocks tumble in the distance. There's plenty to appreciate in Cloudpunk's towering urban sprawl - but until now, it's always been kept at an arm's length. This week, developers Ion Lands began testing a new first-person mode in Cloudpunk's beta build,…

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6 months ago

Cloudpunk’s stratospheric deliveries and noir conspiracies are out today

Bad hours, shady bosses. The gig economy's tough enough as-is, without the risk of dropping a package off the side of a ten-mile-high balcony. Released today, Cloudpunk lets you traipse around a stunning voxel cityscape, making deliveries and solving mysteries like some sorta flying Deliveroo driver-turned-detective. Let's just hope you're getting a bonus for all this sleuthing.

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8 months ago

Cloudpunk will deliver packages and a story next month

We're less one neon-splashed tech dystopia this April but it looks like another is pulling in to fill its space. Cyberpunk 2077's original April date got pushed back but Cloudpunk will be raising the cyberpunk flag this spring instead. This story-led adventure puts you behind the wheel as new delivery driver Rania learning the ropes in the giant, vertical city of Nivalis. As a driver…

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2 years ago

Deliver goods and advice to androids and AI in Cloudpunk

I've had it with these punks. They keep strolling up to different genres and flashing them with their neon lights and messages about rampant consumption. The most recent culprit is Cloudpunk, an upcoming driving/walking/chatting simulator about delivering stuff for a dodgy company in a cyberpunk city, where you go round listening to the woes of "androids, AI and unscrupulous humans at every level of society".Come…

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