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Club Penguin

5 months ago

Unofficial Club Penguin server gets axed by Disney after it’s found full of “penguin e-sex”

Remember Club Penguin? It was successor to the online kids game throne after the Neopets craze of my own childhood. Disney Interactive shut down the kiddie MMO back in 2017 but fan clones have lived on. The unofficial Club Penguin Online is now going offline after it was found to be full of explicit messages ranging from racism to "e-sex" as reported by the BBC.

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4 years ago

Club Penguin adds fabled iceberg Easter egg to farewell

Y'know, it occurred to me the other day that we had never really written about Club Penguin [official site], the kid-friendly MMO where you all have little penguin avatars. At most we've mentioned it in passing. But now Club Penguin is being retired (both from desktop and mobile) to make way for its mobile-only successor, Club Penguin Island, at the end of March. As part…

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