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Colin McRae: Dirt 2

11 years ago

Top Skidmarks: Dirt 2 Demo

The demo for energetic rally-sequel Dirt 2 is out, and we're ashamed to admit we've not been able to get our own hands-on impressions of the offroad racer onto the site before the game hit. In short: we rather like it. The courses are fun, and the vehicles slide and jump commendably. The demo, which is here (and 1.32gb), features two events: a "Trailblazer" event,…

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Amping It Up: Dirt 2 & DirectX 11

British wheel-game experts Codemasters specifically delayed the PC release of Dirt 2 so that they could inject DirectX 11 tech into the sinewy torso of their offroad racing sequel. Is that a good thing? We've got literally no idea, but we're willing to venture a "probably, if you have a brand new graphics card, and happen to like racing games", and then offer this new…

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DiRT 2: Dirty Videos

Beneath the grimy click are ten million videos of DiRT 2 doing its thing. The one you probably want to watch is an interview with Codemasters' veteran and Chief Game Designer Matthew Horsman talking about why the game has benefited from the work the team did on GRID. He chats a bit about the one hundred events the game contains, and explains why multiplayer enables…

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DIRT 2: The Trailers

I don't know how many of you saw Ken Block showing off on Top Gear the other week, but it strikes me that his crazy rally action course was pretty much what Codies are aiming for with Dirt 2. The two recent trailers back up that idea, with a Utah dirt-track sequence, and a look at one of the over-the-top rallycross events, in this case…

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DIRT2: Hands On, Devs Speak, Expensive Chair

On a recent visit to Codemasters I had a chance to play DIRT2, and to talk to the lead design team. They explained to me how the game is intended to appeal to a wider, US-dominated audience, and how the core of rally-game realism remains in this rather more excitable racer for the extreme-sports generation. There's also a lovely picture of me sat in one…

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12 years ago


Upon the news of rally legend Colin McRae's untimely demise, the immediate response by the internet, aside from tasteless gags, was to wonder what would happen to next instalment of the revered Codemasters racing series that had borne the dour chap's name for so long. Now we know. DiRT 2 will remain Colinised after all. Hooray?Though I was impressed by it, I didn't actually like…

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