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Commandos 2

10 months ago

Commandos 2 HD Remaster is due a patch fixing bugs and poor performance

A fancied-up rerelease of a venerated WW2 squad tactics game sounds grand but the reality of Commands 2 HD Remaster is less splendid. Following its launch on Friday, many players have complained about bugs and poor performance - a surprising problem considering it doesn't look wildly different to its original incarnation 19 years ago. The makers responded over the weekend, saying ah, yeah, whoops, we'll…

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12 months ago

Kalypso have set up a new Commandos game studio

Kalypso Media have set up an internal studio to make a new Commandos game with the rights they bought last year. This is good news.My two year-old brain hadn't developed to the point where it could enjoy sneaky shooting in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines back in '98, or in any of its sequels, but my brain's more advanced form did adore Shadow Tactics: Blades Of…

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2 years ago

Kalypso nab Commandos rights, promises new games

Everything old is new again, and everything once overlooked by publishers is cool once more. Today, publisher Kalypso Media (Sudden Strike, Tropico, Dungeons et al) went and bagged themselves the rights to all of Pyro Studios's old games, which means the entire Commandos series of stealthy tactical puzzlers. Better still, the publisher has already confirmed that new games in the series are on the way, as…

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