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4 months ago

Feature: No more cute robots

The makers of Chuchel outsmarted me with dog furniture in Creaks

"Oh this is easy", I thought, adding a few more moments to the endless mistake I began several decades back, "it's kind of telling me everything I need to do anyway."Creaks is a platform-based puzzle game. I thought I was not particularly good at puzzle games. I am in fact hopeless at them. I am a fool, a dunce, an entire bowl. It has stumped…

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Amanita’s creepy puzzle adventure Creaks is out now

At last the next sorta spooky game from the folks that did Machinarium and the Samorost games has arrived. Creaks is another puzzle adventure, this time in a mansion full of furniture that comes to life in the dark. It doesn't look like they've awoken to attend a slumber party either. They may hunger for flesh. You can get a good gander at the puzzles…

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5 months ago

Amanita’s Creaks is finally coming this month

Amanita design, the makers of cute adventure games including Botanicula and Chuchel, today announced a July launch for their next game, Creaks. You know how sometimes in the dark of night, mundane objects in your room can look like monsters? Puzzle-platformer Creaks has that but for realsies, with a fella in a weird mansion beset by terrible creatures that turn into furniture when lights shine…

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2 years ago

Amanita announce Creaks, a different sort of puzzle adventure

Creaks has the look of an Amanita puzzler, with its lushly detailed, painterly subterranean world of strange monsters, but the studio say it's a departure from their usual point-and-click style. Looking at the teaser trailer below, I can see why - there's a more rigid, tactile kind of puzzling going on here. The mechanical kind with pressure plates, switches, doors and ladders as standard. Developed…

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