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Creeper World 3

2 years ago

Feature: Feature creep

Why Creeper World’s decade-long evolution keeps getting harder

“The whole history of the Creeper World series is serendipitous and unintentional,” says its creator, Virgil Wall, in his Texan lilt. “You know how it goes with these things, one thing led to another.” Creeper World is a singular take on the realtime strategy that Wall has spent the past decade making. Former man of the cloth Kieron Gillen once described the original as “the…

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Creeper World 4 gloops into the third dimension

The Creeper World series are strategy games unlike any other, and Sin Vega reckons they have the best monster of any game, even if the title is a bit rubbish. Part tower defence, part traditional RTS, part fluid dynamics sim, I've been a fan of Knuckle Cracker's quirky if utilitarian-looking series for years now. The next game in the series - Creeper World 4 -…

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4 years ago

Feature: A tower defense game that's not boring

Creeper World 3 has the best monster of any game

What's the best video game monster? Stop and think. You've probably thought of something bristling with claws, which snarls as it rushes to bite you, or some skittering horror that lurks in the shadows. Perhaps it's a shiny robot or a soldier with particularly fiendish AI. These are all understandable choices. They are, however, wrong.The best monster is in Creeper World 3 [official site]. It…

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