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Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings 3 review

Watch out there's a snake attacking that baby


Crusader Kings 3 county control and development guide

How to improve control and development.

2 weeks ago

Best Crusader Kings 3 mods

Six weeks after the release of Crusader Kings 3, and there are already over 1200 mods, tweaks, and more to download. Paradox's grand soap opera is as much fun to fix as it is to play, it seems. A lot of the more extensive mods are still heavily in development, so I've steered clear of most total conversions (aside from one that I couldn't not…

3 weeks ago

You can continue a Crusader Kings 3 world in Europa Universalis 4, then Victoria 2, then Hearts Of Iron 4

What to do when you've completed a Crusader Kings 3 campaign? You could start over as a new ruler in a new place, I suppose, but isn't that negligent? A truly responsible leader would steer their nation through the middle ages, the Victorian era, and World War 2. And you can do that thanks to a tool which transfers a CK3 world into Europa Universalis…

4 weeks ago

Crusader Kings 3’s patch 1.1 culls excessive bastardisation and other AI quirks

Medieval conquer 'em up Crusader Kings 3 will be pushing out a huge patch to fix all sorts of bugs and AI oddities. Really though, it almost feels like some of these bugs deserve to stay. They're hard-working bugs, folks. The strategy simulation is adding fixes for overzealous spymasters, children with poor role models, and Popes with a taste for the flesh of the faithful.

Crusader Kings 3 won’t launch – how to fix

Crusader Kings 3, with its army-raising, dynasty-creating, and kinslaying, can keep you occupied for hours on end. That’s why it came as a terrible surprise when my version of the game wouldn’t open. Terrifying stuff. I fixed it though! Here’s how to fix Crusader Kings 3’s launch issues.

Crusader Kings 3 county control and development guide

Counties are the smallest kind of domain you can hold in Crusader Kings 3, and as such you’ll need to manage them carefully. In particular, your county control and development are vital for the output of both gold and levies, so it’s well worth improving them where you can. Here’s how to increase county control and development in Crusader Kings 3.

1 month ago

How to stop your vassals fighting in Crusader Kings 3

If you fancy taking over large swathes of land in Crusader Kings 3 you’ll need to have vassals under your control. This is all well and good if they’re all doing their jobs and paying taxes and levies to their rightful liege, but what if they start petty infighting for seemingly no reason? Well, here’s how to stop your vassals from fighting each other in…

Crusader Kings 3 North Korea strategy – how to control your entire realm without vassals

The ‘North Korea’ strategy has returned for Crusader Kings 3, and it lets you completely dominate the world if pulled off correctly. This style of play was a thing in the previous version of the game, but has been made even stronger and more viable at this point in CK3’s lifetime.Here’s how to do the North Korea strategy in Crusader Kings 3 and become supreme…

The official Crusader Kings 3 house motto awards

One of the strange things about Crusader Kings 3 is that the sheer size of the world means that even the mightiest empire will still operate in perhaps a quarter of the map at most. When you're a small realm, or one squished into a corner like Ireland or Kham, you can spend the entire game without proof that most of the world even exists.It's…

How to disinherit or kill your child and heir in Crusader Kings 3

Yeah, it’s not a great look. Hear me out though. Sometimes your heir is just destined to be a rubbish ruler and you have to get them out of the way. With the medieval laws of Crusader Kings 3, you’re forced to pass your hard work down to your descendants and even play as that useless little kid if you’re unlucky.Wouldn’t it be nice then,…

Crusader Kings 3 barbershop – how to customise your character

At the moment, Crusader Kings 3 only has character customisation for existing rulers and family members, rather than CK2’s more versatile ruler creator. That doesn’t mean you’re without choice though! You can easily make small changes to your character without the need for mods or DLC.Here’s how to access the barbershop in Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3 beginner tips and tricks

When you boot up Crusader Kings 3, it might seem a little daunting. The huge map, all the different borders, and the huge number of menus could be enough to turn some people off entirely.Well, fear not! It’s a pretty rough ride to begin with but you’ll manage easily enough with this guide.Here’s how to make a good start in Crusader Kings 3.

I test the reigns down in Africa: A Crusader Kings 3 diary

If I hadn't got in on Crusader Kings 2 shortly after it came out, I would have taken one look at its list of DLC (currently going for £184.65 on Steam, and that's with a discount) and noped right the hell out. Fortunately, the base game was already outstanding enough that I gladly supported it for our best games of the 2010s list. Most of…

2 months ago

Paradox Interactive’s QA staff allege poor treatment, low pay, and mismanaged layoffs

Three months ago, Paradox Interactive signed a collective agreement, to better establish workplace rights with the unions in their company. In an industry where we hear so many horror stories about underpaid and poorly treated employees, unionisation can be an important tool in giving workers a bigger voice, and providing support when it comes to negotiating their rights. This moment has only come after months…

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