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Danger Zone 2

2 years ago

Score attack car-wrecker Danger Zone 2 is out now

Some people just want to see the world burn - fans of the Burnout series's Crash Mode especially. Released today, Danger Zone 2 by ex-Criterion devs Three Fields Entertainment looks to recapture some of those mindlessly destructive thrills. From the looks of the new gameplay footage below it's an improvement over the original (which constrained the action to bland, boxy concrete crash testing facilities), but I still remain…

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Danger Zone 2 smashes out next week

The former Criterion folks at Three Fields Entertainment are renewing their commitment to smashes, crashes, bashes, and explosions next week in Danger Zone 2. It's a sequel to their 2017 arcade smash 'em up, which did involve driving cars but was most certainly not about racing. Riffing heavily on Crash mode from Criterion's Burnout 3: Takedown, it has us smash through traffic and power-ups to…

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