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Death And Taxes

3 months ago

Feature: Death is only the beginning

Have You Played… Death And Taxes?

Of the two, I think I prefer death! HO HO HO. Death And Taxes is a genre-defying I-suppose-a-puzzle-game where you work as a new, junior Grim Reaper. This is an office job just like any other office job, it turns out, with a lot of admin and paperwork. Your supervisor gives you quotas for how many people you have to kill each day, and you…

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9 months ago

Four whole sexy games made Steam’s top new releases in February

Right out of the oven, here are the hottest new games on Steam from February and boy they are hot indeed. Put those games on the cooling rack and open a window, will you? Games with "sexual content," (in the parlance of professional business speak) do occasionally crack the list of top selling new games but four is quite a feat. There are other trends…

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Feature: The big standing desk in the sky

Death And Taxes lets you not think about the value of life

Death And Taxes is a fun little balancing act, reminiscent of Papers, Please. It doesn't quite reach the lofty heights of Lucas Pope's excellence in that border crossing simulator, but is nevertheless a good experience in its own right. You play as a newly created (and customisable) Grim Reaper, in a world where death is a bean-counting job in an office. You assign your ultimate…

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