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6 months ago

Deathgarden relaunches with Bloodharvest update

Behaviour Interactive today relaunched their 1v5 multiplayer murderzone Deathgarden, a game which has struggled a whole lot more than its elder gamesibling, Dead By Daylight. It's still in early access but, reworked and renamed Deathgarden: Bloodharvest, might now be closer to a game that y'know people play. You can now see for yourself whether that's you because, as well as giving two spare copies to…

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1 year ago

Asymmetric multiplayer hunter Deathgarden stalks into early access

There's no time to smell the roses in Deathgarden. You'll either be too busy parkouring away from a chunky marine, or embodying that soldier yourself as you hunt down the five other players in each game. Think Evolve, but with a gaggle of archers whose focus is on fleeing a dude with a gun rather than bringing down a big beastie. Also they're all humans…

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A space marine hunts parkour archers as Deathgarden hits early access next week

Asymmetrical team shooter Deathgarden from Dead By Daylight devs Behaviour Digital will be launching into early access next week. Set in a world of dystopian Hunger Games-esque blood-sport, one player stomps around with a sci-fi gun and a suit of fancy space armour, trying to stop a squad of five agile, hoodie-clad and masked archers from completing their objectives. If the sound of that piques…

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2 years ago

Dead by Daylight dev’s Deathgarden looks familiar

Deathgarden, Behaviour Interactive's next game after multiplayer horror romp Dead by Daylight bears more than a passing family resemblance. In the trailer within: A helpless player hanging from some sort of altar, a hulking great aggressor guarding his prey while several other players lurk in the shadows, preparing a rescue. The only real difference between the games at this point are some stylish sci-fi masks, and significantly…

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