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Destiny 2

2 weeks ago

Destiny dancers pull serious lunar shapes in a new music video

Back when Destiny was only on consoles, I knew three things about it: random words are turned into grandiose proper nouns; a wizard came from the moon; and the spacemen love to dance. Now Destiny 2 has come to PC and won me over, I can say yes, I was entirely correct. I am delighted to see a new musical extravaganza from Husky Raid, a…

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Destiny 2’s Season Of The Undying now giving time-travelling robots a kicking

Following the Shadowkeep expansion and free-to-play New Light edition launching on Tuesday, Destiny 2 properly kicked off its next season of live content with a new raid and a less-serious new cooperative mode on Saturday. Season Of The Undying is about those naughty milk-filled robots, the Vex and their vexatious plans. Swarms of them are now invading the Moon in fun public events, we take…

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3 weeks ago

I adore Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s spooky moon guns

Moon's haunted, you've likely heard, and in Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion we're sent to bust those ghosts. I adore the tools we wield to do that. A new set of Shadowkeep weapons salvages chunky vintage lunar hardware from the golden age of humanity and purifies it with magic rituals, leaving weapons bristling with magical talismans. These are the guns I need to pop phantoms and…

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Destiny 2 dusts off servers after crashing into Moon

Though Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was the first time I'd been playing an MMO around expansion launch time, I knew what to expect last night: surprise; spectacle; excitement; confusion; discovery; server queues; connection troubles; servers going offline; waiting until the next day to play. Reader dear, it delivered on all counts. Following a string of disconnections, sign-in problems, and other datapipe wonk, Bungie took their MMOFPS…

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Destiny 2 launches Shadowkeep expansion, goes free-to-play, and hits Steam

It's a busy day for Destiny 2, today launching a new paid expansion, Shadowkeep, as well as making the base game free-to-play. Oh, and the MMOFPS has switched from to Steam too. Bungie now invite all aspiring wizard to play a surprisingly generous amount of the game for free, while folks who buy the expansion are called to invade a spooky fortress on the…

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Bungie plan to have a new non-Destiny game out by 2025

Bungie are busy today with the launch of Destiny 2's free-to-play edition and the new expansion, Shadowkeep, but it's not all Destiny round Washington way. The gang who also made Halo and Marathon have said they plan to have something new-new and non-Destiny out by 2025. I thought that sounded at least 17 years away but I'm now told 2025 is in barely 5 years…

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4 weeks ago

Pack your bags, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is shooting for the moon in a new launch trailer

Here, whatever happened to that wizard? The one wot came from the moon? Has anyone checked in on them, are they doing okay? Is the Shadowkeep their house? It's an awfully nice house, that. I think it's time we paid the wizard a visit. Mind, you never know with these space rascals, so I think I'll pack a heavier kit this time around. Y'know, just…

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1 month ago

Destiny 2’s Annual Pass content is now free to all Forsaken owners

If you played Destiny 2 through the Forsaken expansion but didn't buy the Annual Pass after that, good news: you can new play all of the Pass's modes, raids, quests, and that for free. With an update last night, Bungie set the Annual Pass content free for all Forsaken owners. There's some good stuff in there. That can more than occupy you for the next…

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2 months ago

One of Destiny 2’s best weapons is now way easier to get

One of Destiny 2's most coveted weapons, a deceptively small grenade launcher named The Mountaintop, today became a whole lot less frustrating to earn. The Mountaintop is one of the most powerful weapons in the MMOFPS at the moment across both PvE and PvP but it's locked behind a long PvP quest involving grinding out hundreds of grenade kills. No more! Bungie have massively cut…

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Destiny 2 shaking up seasons, introducing a battle pass dealio

'Seasons' in Destiny 2 have so far meant whamming in new things for keepsies, building the game up with new modes and quests and things. Future seasons, Bungie now say, will be more ephemeral but perhaps more striking. As Bungie wind up to relaunch the MMOFPS with a free-to-play 'New Light' base edition on October 1st, they've opened up about how seasonal modes will come…

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Destiny 2 players can now link and Steam accounts, and should

Guardians playing Destiny 2 on PC can now link their account to their Steam account in preparation for the big move in October. Now that Bungie are self-publishing their MMOFPS, taking over from Activision, it's leaving the store and client and coming to Steam. We will all need to switch, as it won't be playable on anymore. Best do that now, eh?…

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3 months ago

Destiny 2 adding cross-platform characters this month

Cross Save support is coming to Destiny 2 later this month, Bungie announced yesterday, letting players carry characters and their items between PC, Xbone, and PS4 editions. Perhaps you've wished you were playing on another platform but didn't want to start over, or you just want to join up with some pals. Come to PC, friends. While I suppose you could also use this to…

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Destiny 2’s hot new build punches raid bosses to death in seconds

At the heart of The Dreaming City lies Riven, a vast wish-granting dragon who created this unreal world through will alone but has now been corrupted by- wait, never mind, she's been punched to death in under two seconds. Alright Guardians, next mission: inside the walls of Earth's last standing city, aliens who lost everything when their spaceorb made us its new best friends have…

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I’m all about Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s cursed lunar looks

Imagine: you're invited to the Met Gala and the theme is 'Haunted Moon'. You know Rihanna will be a stunning spectacle. You concede you cannot beat Celine Dion's glimmer or gags. You assume Marilyn Manson will do some gory 'Le Voyage Dans La Lune' lark with a model rocket stuck in his oozing eye. It's a given that Kanye West will flout convention and wear…

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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light have been delayed into October

Destiny 2's gearing up for a big year. A huge year, really. Maybe the biggest one it's had to date. But that year of bigness will now start a little later, because Bungie are delaying Destiny 2's free-to-play relaunch, New Light, and its next expansion, Shadowkeep. Previously due on September 17th, they're now both lined up for October 1st. Bungie say they wanted a touch…

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Destiny 2’s new co-op event map is a great multilayered playground

Somewhere above the clouds over Europe, powered by spacemagic, a few ruined city blocks and a whole load of rocks are hovering as a new playground for Earth's greediest heroes. This is the European Aerial Zone, host to a new cooperative mode in Destiny 2's Solstice Of Heroes event, which started last night and runs for a month. I adore the EAZ as a playground,…

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Destiny 2’s Lord of Wolves remains frustratingly overpowered for another Iron Banner

The Iron Lords will return to host Destiny 2's Iron Banner PvP event again next week but no, Bungie won't have fixed the balance issues and bugs currently plaguing PvP. Chief among these is Lord of Wolves, a shotgun which has dominated on PC for six weeks now with ten-shot bursts of flame able to kill a spaceman at rifle range. It's everywhere and it…

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4 months ago

Destiny 2 will make good fashion easier with Eververse changes

Any damn fool corpse reanimated with superpowers can slay gods, but it takes real effort to look good while do it. Destiny 2 has the same core challenge as any MMO with random loot, to assemble an outfit pleasing in both form and function, but that will get a little easier in September. Bungie already said the big autumn overhaul and free-to-play relaunch will let…

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5 months ago

Google confirms games and price for Stadia

(Now updated with extra pricing clarification) There were a lot of things left unsaid during Google's Stadia announcement three months ago, but finally the search giant has given us some answers in today's Stadia Connect conference, confirming how much Stadia's going to cost, when we can get our hands on it and exactly what games we're going to be playing on it. So, err... Baldur's…

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Destiny 2 is going free-to-play-ish

The next year of Destiny 2 will bring a new expansion, a hearty free-to-play edition, cross-platform character saves, quick ways for new players to get stuck in, and a switch to Steam. A busy year. Bungie today revealed what they've been planning since they broke up with Activision and started self-publishing their sci-fi MMOFPS and ooh, I dig it. It sounds like they're rebuilding Destiny…

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