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Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

4 months ago

Feature: A round-up of the realistic

The Flare Path: A2Z

A is for Alphabetised wargame and sim news. Welcome to the cosy corner of RPS where the vehicular is valued, the historical is hallowed, and the paragraphs are shorter than 7.5 cm Kampfwagenkanone 37 L/24 barrels. While this flavour of Flare Path usually relies on the English alphabet for structure, in emergencies – in weeks when Life does its best to unscrew my monocle and…

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6 months ago

Feature: And remembers Destroyer Command

The Flare Path hounds Greyhound

Watching the audience during the Flare Path Film Club showing of Greyhound was almost as interesting as watching the movie. The collective nod of approval when the bubble-spewing Bold canister made its appearance... the widespread chin-scratching when the wolfpack taunted the convoy over the radio... the outbreak of nose-wrinkling when the director tried to suggest that two escorts versus a crippled/surfaced U-boat was a nailbiting…

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7 months ago

Feature: Thoughts on 1272010, 1227530, 1341170 and 873840

The Flare Path: Fletchers and Forklifts

Thinking about making a U-boat game? Unless you've some quirky new angle or have a mind to model WWI U-boats my advice would be don't. The genre is as rammed as a freshly sealed sardine can at the moment. First-time devs Iron Wolf have the right idea. Instead of following their well-reviewed co-op board game about Kriegsmarine convoy molesters with a PC take on the same…

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