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Dirt 5

2 months ago

Dirt 5 secures a filthy release date on Steam this October

A splash of mud here, a battered bumper there. An engine held together with duct-tape and hope. Every car has a story, and Dirt 5 is no exception. This week, Codemasters got behind the wheel of their flashy new motor to deliver us a new trailer, crashing new story beats straight into Dirt 5's career mode and confirming an October 9th release date for Dirt…

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3 months ago

All the PC news from Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase

Did you miss today's Xbox Series X stream? While the first of Microsoft's many planned streams for their new machine was naturally concerned with their new tellybox, there were still enough multi-platform announcements and trailers going around for us PC folks to get excited over. Here's our rundown of what happened during today's showcase.

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