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1 year ago

Feature: Wait... you can do THAT?!

Have you played… Distance?

No speedrun-focused game has sunk its claws in me like neon-dripping Distance. I remember trying it out with my brother when it was first released in beta, and as I made my way through the rather short Adventure Mode, I remember enjoying it but wondering whether this was meant to be the meat of the game. By the time the credits rolled, I was left…

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2 years ago

Neon laser jet-car racer Distance launches out of early access

Distance's jet-powered flying cars have finally landed, only slightly singed by lasers as the racer escapes early access today. Nearly six years after a successful Kickstarter and almost four in early access, developers Refract have launched version 1.0 of their deathtrap-filled obstacle course - a lethal neon world that pulses to the beat.Today's release includes two new story driven "Adventure" campaigns (including a return to…

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