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Door Kickers

SWAT I Think: Door Kickers

Do the tango fandango


6 years ago

Door Kickers Quietly Posts A Demo To Your Letterbox

Hey, are you interested a 2D real-time tactics game? I thought you might be, because you've got that tacticular look about you. You might therefore be interested to know that Killhouse's top-down SWAT game, Door Kickers*, now has a free tier on their founders program. This basically amounts to a demo of the full game on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Fancy, eh? Illustrative trailer embed…

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There Is No Barrier To The Door Kickers Trailer

There's a small part of every ex-PCGer that wants to be Tim Stone. His life must be wonderful: there's a bounty of games made just for him, and his writing toolbox is packed with punnage. He was, and still is, a secret weapon: perfect pages delivered on time. If you want to be a games writer, study his work. He's makes me want to play…

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7 years ago

Feature: Simulation & wargame blather

The Flare Path: KillHouse Rules

The Flare Path kill house is not like other kill houses. Footwear must be removed at the front door. All offers of tea or coffee politely accepted. No-one is allowed to exit the hall without yelling “C-o-m-i-n-g, ready or not!”. Those that pass the cat without a) stroking him or b) complimenting him on his “wuvly fluffiness” can expect to be taken to one side…

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Feature: Simulation & wargame news

The Flare Path: Broach And Clear

Thanks to a pair of heavily patched barrage balloons and an antique ex-Latvian Army Bofors gun, yesterday passed uneventfully in the Flare Path household. Using the derelict abattoir across the valley as cover, Cupid tried one pop-up attack, but a flurry of 40mm fury quickly sent him packing. “The little rascal really needs to work on his tactics” I thought to myself as, back at…

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