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Dragon Age 4

2 weeks ago

Dragon Age 4’s magic archer concept art looks well cool

On Friday, Dragon Age 4's executive producer Christian Dailey shared a lovely new bit of concept art for BioWare's upcoming RPG. It's a beautiful piece featuring an archer stood amongst some autumnal ruins. Concept art is about all we've seen of the game so far - well, that, and a short teaser at last year's Game Awards. But nevertheless, it's got my mind racing with…

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1 month ago

BioWare’s new Dragon Age 4 trailer teases the return of Varric

Here we go again. BioWare have revealed yet another tiny trailer for Dragon Age 4, but unlike the many before it, this time there's actually some solid info to take from it. We get a look at a new setting (which absolutely looks like Tevinter to me), an evil pouty Solas, and better yet, it sounds like everyone's best dwarven bud Varric is back -…

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2 months ago

BioWare veterans Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have left the studio

After a long and bumpy road, two companions have this week chosen to leave BioWare's adventuring party. Casey Hudson, the project director for Mass Effect before becoming the studio's general manager, has departed the company after 23 years along with Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah. Those are some big departures, but BioWare insists they'll have no effect on the studio's upcoming remasters and long-distant…

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5 months ago

BioWare give us more tantalising glimpses at Dragon Age 4, still no actual news

We just got the biggest look yet at Dragon Age 4 during Gamescom's Opening Night Live and... they still didn't really show us much. Not that I'm complaining! A morsel of info on BioWare's excellent RPG series is enough to sate me months, and the new screens and tiny segments of in-game footage shown tonight will surely keep fans speculating until we finally get a…

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6 months ago

Yep, BioWare are still making Dragon Age 4

Here we go again. Fighting over scraps of Dragon Age 4 news like corrupted templars desperate to snag the last drop of red lyrium. The last titbits we got were pretty good, to be fair. Those pretty scenes from the EA Play event gave plenty to speculate on for a while. But there's a new tiny morsel of info now, this time coming from BioWare…

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7 months ago

EA gave tiny, disappointing peeks at the next-gen Dragon Age and Battlefield

Though the next generation of consoles is coming in a few months, Electronic Arts did not use their 'EA Play Live' notE3 pressblast to reveal a slew of shiny new games. No Battlefield 6 (or 0, or -4, or however this works), no Dragon Age 4, no Need For Speed: Pure Gasping For A Bit Of The Ol' Zoomy Stuff, no nothing. Buuut they did…

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9 months ago

EA’s would-be E3 showcase is confirmed for June 11th

E3 2020 may be cancelled but many of its big announcements will still be made. Electronic Arts today EA Play, their annual E3-adjacent showcase of upcoming games, will return on June 11th. That would have been the final day of E3. They'll once again host a live show with games and that, just without an audience sitting MORTIFYINGLY close. Now begins the guessing game: what…

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1 year ago

The Game Awards 2019 will reveal around ten unheard of games

The Game Awards are just around the corner, a week from today on December 12th. The show's host and producer, Geoff Keighley, is running an Ask Me Anything on Reddit today where he confirms that there are "around 10 new games/projects" being revealed at the show. To his knowledge, none of them have been leaked yet.

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2 years ago

Dragon Age 4 was to be about magical heists until 2017 reboot

Reports coming out of BioWare continue to sound grim, although notably not unusual among larger games studios. After their breakdown of Anthem's troubled development last week, Kotaku continued to dig into what the status of Dragon Age 4 is. We've known for a while that development of the game (under the codename 'Joplin') had ended in 2017, and the game as it stands now is…

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BioWare respond to reports of Anthem development hell

After playing nearly twenty hours, it's hard to shake the sense that Anthem's development was messier than BioWare might have liked. Today's report by Kotaku's Jason Schreier, talking to former developers, confirms many suspicions, and doesn't paint a pretty picture of the studio or publisher. There's talk of mismanagement, confusing orders from higher up the corporate ladder and that perennial EA bugbear; gruelling crunch.In response,…

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Dragon Age 4 teases dragons, won’t be out for ages

BioWare's decreasingly cryptic hints about a new Dragon Age tonight reached the point of showing a wee "teaser" trailer, though not quite far enough to actually give the fantasy RPG a name. I'll just call it Dragon Age 4 for now. As you might guess if you saw Dragon Age: Inquisition through to the end, a lot revolves around the one-time companion character our former…

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BioWare revealing a Dragon Age something in December

Following the pre-pre announcement of news on something new in Dragon Age, BioWare have pre-announced that they'll open up in December. My fingers are crossed for a new game continuing the adventures of the merry gang in Kirkwall from Dragon Age II, though I suppose events Dragon Age: Inquisition would cut that off. And the mysterious project still could just be a dang comic book…

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BioWare say that we’ve not seen the end of Mass Effect or Dragon Age yet

With all the coverage that Anthem is getting, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that BioWare had ever developed anything else. Fortunately, they haven't. In their Summer Update dev-blog post, the studio talk about what they've been up to over the past few months, including promoting Anthem art-books and comics at the San Diego Comic-Con. In amidst all this they did find time to let slip…

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3 years ago