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Dual Universe

7 months ago

Space sandbox MMO Dual Universe will launch its beta on August 27th

After a year and a half in paid alpha, space sandbox MMO Dual Universe is setting course for a beta launch next month. When the beta begins on August 27th, Dual Universe will be moving from its premium alpha payment to a subscription-based plan. Novaquark say they plan to continue the subscription method when Dual Universe reaches full release.

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8 months ago

Space sandbox MMO Dual Universe shows off its ship battles

A new trailer for Dual Universe fresh out of notE3 gives a zappy look at the sandbox space MMO's PvP action, with a few dozen players zipping around in ships they designed and built themselves. It's flash and all, as notE3 trailers are, but also a bit weird because the sandbox has so, so, so much more than space battles. Even if spacebattles do have…

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2 years ago

Crafting sandbox MMO Dual Universe launches into public alpha this week

The deluge of space sim sandboxes continues with Dual Universe. Making its public alpha debut this week, NovaQuark's single-server MMO looks like a blend of Space Engineers and Star Citizen. Players are free to alter its voxel-based worlds, construct their own buildings, and even modify the underlying systems with custom scripting. The next generation of Minecraft-likes, perhaps? The final version isn't due until the second…

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3 years ago

Dual Universe pre-alpha trailer swoops into view

When Brendan last took a look at Dual Universe [official site], the sandbox civilisation-building MMORPG was populated only by robots. That's all changed with the launch of the pre-alpha for people who've already backed the game, with the new trailer featuring honest to goodness real life humans running around Dual Universe's ambitious sci-fi world. If you're a fan of swooping spaceship panoramas and tingly sci-fi…

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Feature: Big talk

The games chasing EVE’s vision of a single shard MMO

The planet is full of aimless people. Dozens of non-descript robots silently going to and fro, with no discernable purpose or meaning. Yes, I’m at Gamescom, the annual gaming conference in Germany, but I’m not talking about the visitors on the show floor. I’m talking about the on-screen player bots of Dual Universe [official site], a sci-fi survival MMO making big promises about player numbers…

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4 years ago

Dual Universe Shows Modular Ship Construction

Go-anywhere space games excite me, but not as much as multiplayer games which claim to put everyone on a single server with a player-driven economy and politics. Scifi MMO Dual Universe [official site] is aiming to offer both. It's a first-person game with seamless planet-to-space flight, player-built cities and more, and the latest video shows its building tools.

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5 years ago

Dual Universe Drops First Footage, Alpha Due Early 2017

Did you spot Steven chatting about the incredibly ambitious-sounding sandbox sci-fi MMORPG Dual Universe [official site] last month? In what sort-of sounds like an MMO slant on No Man's Sky, developers Novaquark spoke of "cloud-based scalability", "advances to voxel technologies" and a "seamless sci-fi universe made of millions of planets", and citing Eve Online and Space Engineers as inspiration made it all sound a bit…

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Dual Universe Is An Incredibly Ambitious Sandbox MMO

I always felt that the real strength of MMOs was in how they could parallel our own lives, and the folks making Dual Universe [official site] believe the technology is finally capable of making that happen on a grander scale. It's ambitious as hell and years away, but Dual Universe has some interesting talent and technology pushing it forward.

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