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Dying Light 2

3 months ago

Dying Light’s skeleton-smashing Hellraid DLC is out now

Go to hell, Dying Light. Techland's open-world zombie smasher is still cranking out DLC five years after release - and this time, it's trading shamblers for skeletons with a brief excursion to the underworld. Crack open the piggy-bank, get in line for the cursed arcade cabinet, and prepare to crack some skulls, survivors. Dying Light: Hellraid is out today.

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4 months ago

Dying Light 2 cuts ties with writer Chris Avellone following claims of sexual assault and harassment

The makers of Dying Light 2 have publicly cut ties with writer Chris Avellone following allegations from several women of sexual harrassment, sexual assault, and abusing his industry prestige as a sexual predator. Avellone is known for writing on games including Planescape: Torment and Fallout: New Vegas. Several other upcoming games he was known to have written for, including Bloodlines 2, have clarified they were…

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6 months ago

Techland insist Dying Light 2 is “in good shape” after rumors say production is a mess

The status of Dying Light 2 has been a bit of a question mark since Techland announced in January that their next zombie parkour action game would be delayed from its "spring 2020" release window without offering a new estimate. A Polish game development news site published a report today suggesting that Dying Light 2 production may be in disarray, but Techland insist that it's…

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9 months ago

1 year ago

Watch 30 dam impressive minutes of Dying Light 2

Rage, rage against the delaying of the light. I've wanted to write that ever since Dying Light 2 was announced, but developers Techland seem stubbornly on track to zombify early 2020. Look, here's thirty minutes from a middley point in the game, replete with grappling hooks and parkour and decisions. It's the same thirty minutes I already saw and liked at E3.

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2 years ago

Dying Light 2 announced, co-written by Chris Avellone

More first-person parkour-o-zombiemurder is coming from Techland in Dying Light 2, announced today at E3. Once again, we'll get to leap and fight through (and over) a zombie-infested city, run missions for people, and try to survive. Simply more Dying Light would be grand, but this sounds like it's going ambitious on the story front too, drafting Chris "The Human Stretch Goal" Avellone as a…

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4 years ago