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2 years ago

Feature: The things we do for glowing red cubes, eh?

Have You Played… Echo?

It's always sad when a promising indie dev goes under. The latest is Ultra Ultra, a Copenhagen-based outfit whose first (and last) game was Echo, a stealthy-actiony-horror-ish type game where a croaky-throated young woman travels to an ornate, planet-sized palace in order to try to revive a long-lost friend she's carrying around in a red cube on her back. Oh, and it's also full of…

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Echo developers Ultra Ultra shut down, movie still planned

Ultra Ultra, the small Copenhagen-based studio behind sci-fi stealth-puzzler Echo, have officially closed their doors today. Announced quietly through Twitter, they state that "Ultra Ultra has ceased to exist". I'd always been aware that Echo had never sold as well as it should have, but it's still tragic to hear that such a talented team are going their separate ways just a year and a…

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3 years ago

Feature: Return of the not-Mac users

Wot we played on our holidays

Welcome back, gentle human bean, to another year of PC gaming thrills, spills and ambient anxiety about the correct deployment of the term 'roguelite' here on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. As our beleaguered forms struggle to cope with the sudden shift away from Chocolate Oranges for breakfast, now is the time for our time-lost minds to reflect upon how we occupied ourselves over the past ten…

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Feature: The memory palace

How repetition defines the masterful world of Echo

When I first started playing Echo I was reminded of London’s tube network. Down there, meters below street level, the rules of space seem to deform. There are corridors that seem to go on forever, winding passages that twist left and right at random, and emergency staircases that feel so long that you begin to wonder if the space itself has started repeating.Echo is the…

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Be your own worst enemy in Echo today

Echo [official site] is a new sneak-o-shooter from a small t-t-team formed mostly of folks who worked at Hitman studio IO Interactive and it now has a release date of Sep Sep September 19th that's today September 19th. It’s a third-person action game set inside an alien palace palace palace set inside an alien palace with a twist: its weird world is guarded by copies…

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A whole level of Echo is good for explaining Echo

Echo [official site] is a third person sci-fi action game which, as descriptions go... so far so doesn't-tell-you-anything-interesting. But its big point of difference is that you are the enemy you are trying to beat. It's an idea which, reading about it, reminded me of specific levels within other games - stuff like the Dark Link bit of Ocarina of time where you fight a shadow…

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Be your own worst enemy in Echo on September 19th

Echo [official site], a new sneak-o-shooter from a small team formed mostly of folks who worked at Hitman studio IO Interactive, now has a release date of September 19th. It's a third-person action game set inside an alien palace with a twist: its weird world is guarded by copies of you, which copy your playstyle and try to counter you. It is a pretty palace…

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4 years ago

Feature: The best free games of the week

Free Loaders: Risky Phone lets you be this asshole

People who walk down busy streets with their head buried in their phone. We’ve all seen them. Savage half-humans without dignity or grace. You try to go left as they approach and they slowly veer the same direction, ignorant of your efforts to avoid a collision. Then they turn around and start walking the other way. Now, you are stuck behind them! Clearly, you have…

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Feature: It's gonna be a good year

The PC games of 2017 mega-preview

As Old Father Time grabs his sickle and prepares to take ailing 2016 around the back of the barn for a big sleep, we're looking to the future. The mewling pup that goes by the name 2017 will come into the world soon and we must prepare ourselves for its arrival. Here at RPS, our preparations come in the form of this enormous preview feature,…

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