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Element Space

8 months ago

Element: Space tactically exits early access today

Tactical RPG Element: Space quietly snuck out of early access today, after a short but eventful stint in public production. The debut game from new independent studio Sixth Vowel, it's hard not to make comparisons to Firaxis's XCOM after looking at the screenshots and trailer. However, after playing a chunk of the game in the run-up to launch, I found myself surprised that while XCOM…

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11 months ago

Sci-fi tactical RPG Element Space warps into early access

You can't go a week without an intriguing tactics game popping up - today's is Element Space, a story-driven tactical RPG from Sixth Vowel,┬ádebuting into early access.┬áThis one breaks away from XCOM's familiar combat grid, offering familiar cover systems, but free movement. Set in a vaguely Mechwarrior-ish universe of modern Earth nations stretched into caricatured space empires, there's real-time exploration, turn-based combat, choices to be…

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